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Number Title Governing Policies and Ownership
FA711 Program Clarification (Onestop Forms) View
OGC-SC215 Program Leader Acknowledgement and Release - Education Abroad Office Programs (docx) View
OGC-SC216 Program Leader Companion Agreement & Release - Education Abroad Office Programs (docx) View
UM 13 Promotional Review of Tenured Associate Professors (docx) View
UM 1532 Property Loss Notice - Laptop Computer Program (pdf) View
UM 1731 Property Loss Report - University Property (pdf) View
OGC-SC659B Publication Rack Agreement - 10 or More Publications (doc) View
OGC-SC659A Publication Rack Agreement - 9 or Less Publications (doc) View
OGC-SC659C Publication Rack Agreement - Placement in University Rack (doc) View
BA 1488 Purchase Consent Record (docx) View
OGC-SC243 Purchase of Library Collection (docx) View
OGC-SC505A Purchase Order Terms & Conditions (docx) View
OGC-SC504 Purchasing Addendum to Supplier's Form (docx) View
UM 1857 Purchasing Code of Ethics for Department Employee Responsible for Purchasing. (pdf) View
OGC-SC624 Radisson Blu Mall of America Hotel Contract (pdf) View
UM 1871 RAR Diagnostic Laboratory Submission (pdf) View
UM 1872 RAR Post-operative Admission Form (pdf) View
UM 1873 RAR Technical Services Request (pdf) View
MN MW-R Reciprocity Exemption/Affidavit of Residency (pdf) View
UM 1801 Reference Request and Employee Authorization (doc) View
UM 1711 Reference Request and Student Authorization (doc) View
OTR022 Registration and Cancel/Add Request (Onestop Forms) View
OTR026 Registration Request for Graduate Credit Non-Degree (Onestop Forms) View
FA 112 Reimbursement Extension Request - Master of Science in Software Engineering / Carlson Executive MBA (Onestop Forms) View
FA 110 Reimbursement Extension Request Technological Leadership Institute (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1911 Reimbursement Request (docx) View
UM 1891 Release #1- Phased Retirement (pdf) View
UM 1892 Release #2 - Phased Retirement (pdf) View
OGC-SC250 Release & Waiver Safety of Minors (docx) View
OGC-SC213 Release - Field Trip Participant (docx) View
OGC-SC234 Release - Medical Information (docx) View
OGC-SC256 Release - Permission to Use Photograph (docx) View
OGC-SC209 Release - Photographic Likeness Use (docx) View
OGC-SC209A Release - Photographic Likeness Use - French Version (pdf) View
OGC-SC212 Release - Program Participant (docx) View
OGC-SC210 Release - Speaker (docx) View
OGC-SC211 Release - Talent (docx) View
OGC-SC211D Release - Talent (Digital Version Instructions) View
OGC-SC254 Release and Waiver - Artist (doc) View
OGC-SC220 Release and Waiver MELP Programs (docx) View
OGC-SC906 Release and Waiver Short Term - Int'l Student & Scholar Services (docx) View
OGC-SC914 Release and Waiver Short Term Program - International Student & Scholar Services (docx) View
UM 1874 Relocation Assistance Program - Request Relocation Packet View
UM 1838 Report of Effort or Unpaid Activity (Effort Template) (xls) View
DEA 106 Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances View
UM 1875 Request For Access to Restricted RAR Animal Housing Areas (doc) View
OTR021 Request for CCAPS Non-degree Enrollment After Suspension (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1818 Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement (ROC) View
UM 1905 Request for Continuation of Coverage (pdf) View
UM 1636 Request for Domestic Lodging Exception (docx) View