Administrative Policy News for December 2022

The University is committed to an inclusive policy-making process. This quarterly communication highlights new or significantly revised administrative policies currently posted for the campus community to offer feedback. Your comments and suggestions are invited through the dates specified by each policy. Following the review period, all feedback will be forwarded to the policy owner who will then consider any revisions to the final policy.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety banner image

The President's Policy Committee approved the University's new Occupational Health and Safety policy at their December meeting. This new policy demonstrates the University’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees and formalizes the roles and responsibilities around occupational health and safety.

The Occupational Health and Safety policy is intended to assure that everyone working at the University is informed about the chemical, biological, and physical hazards in their workplace and how to minimize risk of harm, and to promote a culture of safety consciousness and accountability that achieves a safe work environment. By identifying and defining safety and health responsibilities, it will also foster compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and laws.