Administrative Policy News for July 2022

The University is committed to an inclusive policy-making process. This quarterly communication highlights new or significantly revised administrative policies currently posted for the campus community to offer feedback. Your comments and suggestions are invited through the dates specified by each policy. Following the review period, all feedback will be forwarded to the policy owner who will then consider any revisions to the final policy.

Background Checks and Verifications

The Background Checks and Verifications policy provides the formal process for background checks and verifications to minimize institutional risk, comply with federal and state regulations, and help responsible hiring authorities make sound hires. The policy recently underwent its four-year comprehensive review. Changes to the policy included providing guidance on when social media checks are allowed; clarifying when background checks are required for job transfer or seasonal rehire situations; and describing when international criminal checks are required. The policy was also updated to reflect current business practices and naming the University's new background check vendor, HireRight.

Delegations of Authority

Delegations of authority image

The President's Delegations of Authority policy establishes the parameters for delegating and sub-delegating authorities which obligate the University, promoting consistency and minimizing institutional risk of unauthorized individuals signing documents. The policy recently underwent its four-year comprehensive review. Changes were aimed at clarifying language to improve clarity, reflect current practices, and emphasize documentation requirements for delegation changes. The FAQ page was also updated to address common questions and problems.

Retirement of Three Policies

Retirement of policies image

Three policies owned by the Executive Vice President and Provost were retired at the June President's Policy Committee meeting:

  • Admissions for Undergraduates: Twin Cities
  • High School Preparation Requirements
  • Undergraduate Student Learning and Development Outcomes - Twin Cities

It is important to note that retirement from the administrative policy library does not equate to a retirement of the content of these policies. Instead, it was determined that the three policies did not require or prohibit any specific action by students, staff, or faculty and therefore did not meet the criteria for administrative policy. The information in the admissions-related policies is included on the respective campus admissions webpages, and the context for the student learning and development outcomes is described on the Undergraduate Assessment website.