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Title Number Format
9 Over 12 Payroll Adjustment Worksheet (FY 2015)
Account Distribution/Transmittal Form UM1660
Accounts Payable and Unrecorded Expenses Reporting Form UM 1590
Accounts Receivable Payment Transmittal Advice UM1684
Accounts Receivable Reporting Form UM 1591
Agency Questionaire UM 1652
Alcohol Use Application - Non-University Organization UM 1710 ,
Alcohol Use Application - University Organization UM 23 ,
Application for Alcohol License UM 1784
Application for Alcohol License Review/Renewal UM 1788
Authorization to Travel UM 1649
Automobile Mileage UM 379 ,
Bodily Injury/Property Damage Incident Report UM 1707 ,
Budget Journal Spreadsheet UM 1812
Capital Equipment Asset Disposal Form BA 1393, GS92343
Capital Equipment Asset Fabrication Form UM 1601
Capital Equipment Asset Physical Data Change Form UM 1674
Capital Equipment Asset Receipt Form UM 1681 ,
Capital Equipment Asset Trade In Form UM 1744
Capital Equipment Asset Transfer Form UM 1556
Capital Equipment Assets Donated to University Report UM 1561
Capital Equipment Assets Off Campus Request Form UM 1677
Capital Equipment Assets Transferred from Another Institution Report UM 1675
Capital/Operating Lease Questionnaire UM 1589
Category Codes UM 1687 ,
Certificate of Compliance w/Federal Debarment Requirements UM 1736
Certificate of Compliance w/Federal Requirements-Payments to Influence, Debarment, Clean Air and Water UM 1737
Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Entities) W-8BEN-E, W8 Form is located outside of forms library
Check Handling Request (Special Handling Request) UM 1680
Check Request Form (CRF) UM 1659
Check Request Form Instructions
Code of Ethics for Department Staff Responsible for Buying
Contributing to or Withdrawing from the Group Income Pool (GIP) UM 1638
Credit Request Form UM 1771
Department Request for Exception to Board of Regents Policy: Purchasing Goods and Services and Professional Services $50,000 + and Construction Professional Services $100,00+; and Construction Services $250,000+ UM 1721
Departmental Fixed Price Closeout Checklist (Optional) UM 1767
Departmental Procurement Card Tracking Log UM 1829
Derivatives Reporting Form UM 1781
Desktop Deposit Access Request Form UM 1800
Donor Management System Access Request Form Form is located outside of forms library
Employee Expense Worksheet (Includes Travel) UM 1612
Employee Expense Worksheet Instructions UM 1612I
Employee/Departmental Hospitality and Special Expense Form UM 1735
Express (Same-Day) Payment Request / Change in Voucher Pay Date UM 1734 Form is located outside of forms library
Fedex Electronic Billing Enrollment, Change or Cancellation UM 1678
FYXX Target Account Selection
Gift Card Request Form UM 1798
HIPAA Data Collection UM 1807
Independent Contractor Authorization Form UM 1650
Intangible Assets Reporting Form UM 1725