About the University Policy Program

At the University of Minnesota, our policies are at the heart of an effective compliance program. Our Policy Program coordinates and facilitates the process of developing, reviewing, and accessing accurate, up-to-date policies and procedures.

The Policy Program hosts the University’s Policy Library, which contains our system-wide administrative policies. These administrative policies connect the University's mission to the everyday actions of its community, clarify the University's expectations of its individual members, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency, and support the University's compliance with laws and regulations.

In the University Policy Library you will find:

We also host our University Contracts and Forms Libraries. These libraries provide quick and easy access to standard approved contracts and forms that are necessary to implement University policies.

The University has had an online policy library since 1997. We were one of the first Universities to have created a centralized repository for policies. The tools have changed, the policy owners have changed, and the structure has changed, but throughout the years, we have continued to provide a website and tools that ensure that end users can easily find and use policies, and that policy owners have support needed to implement their policies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quick, easy access to well-written administrative policies and associated documents, so that all faculty, staff, and students are able to find and follow the rules that govern our University activities. We are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities and continually use both automated and manual resources to identify and solve accessibility issues. We seek to continuously improve the tools and processes used throughout the policy life cycle by the University community, policy owners and senior leadership.

The Team

Policy Program Director
Policy Librarian
Web Developer