About Policy

Were you able to quickly find the policy you’re seeking?
Was the information clear?
Was it consistent with other related policies?

These are just three of the core objectives under which this policy library operates.  This page will share just some of the elements that have gone into creating a strong development and maintenance process for administrative policies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quick, easy access to well-written administrative policies and associated documents, so that all faculty, staff, and students are able to find and follow the rules that govern our University activities. We seek to continuously improve the tools and processes used throughout the policy life cycle by the University community, policy owners and senior leadership.

A Little History

The University has had an online policy library for more than 20 years.  We were one of the first Universities to have created a centralized repository for policies.  The tools have changed, the policy owners have changed, and the structure has changed, but throughout this time period, those involved have focused on providing a website and tools to ensure that end users could easily find and use the policies, and that policy owners had support (review and approval committees, templates, etc.).

Today’s Library

This policy library holds policies that apply to the entire University system (all five campuses), as well as policies that apply to the Twin Cities campus.  The site also displays Board of Regents policies, which are managed through the Board office.  Many of the administrative policies directly implement Board policy so it was logical to include both policy groups in the search scope.

There are pages in this library that allow users to go to other system campus policy sites.