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Forms Including Contracts
Number Title Governing Policies and Ownership
UM 1641 Administrative Policy Plan (Electronic ) View
UM 1648 Administrative Policy: Comprehensive Review or Change Request (Electronic ) View
UM 1901 Air Emission Checklist Internal Combustion Engines (docx) View
UM 1710 Alcohol Use Application - Non-University Organization (docx) View
UM 23 Alcohol Use Application - University Organization (pdf) View
UM 1784 Application for Alcohol License (docx) View
UM 1788 Application for Alcohol License Review/Renewal (docx) View
UM 1908 Authorization for Release of Employment Information (docx) View
UM 1906 Comprehensive Review Extension Request (Electronic ) View
UM 1859 Digital Resource Accessibility Assessment Request View
UM 1907 Employment Reference Release (docx) View
UM 1738 Fire Protecton Impairment Notice (docx) View
UM 1863 Food Permit (pdf ) View
UM 1845 Investigation Summary (Non-UReport) (docx) View
UM 1844 Investigation Summary (UReport) (docx) View
UM 1900 Major Event Proposal View
UM 1821 Memorandum of Understanding - Community-Campus Collaboration (docx) View
UM 1818 Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement (ROC) View
UM 1856 Request Services View
UM 1817 Request to Add, Change or Retire an Authority in the President's Delegation of Authority System (docx) View
UM 1740 Safety Fund Authorization and Disbursement Form (pdf) View
UM 1822 Safety of Minors Online Registration View
UM 1720 UMD Facilities Management Key Shop Department Information Sheet (pdf) View