Research Forms

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Forms Including Contracts
Title Number Governing Policies and Ownership
Animal Export to Another Location (google doc ) UM 1850 View
Animal Import from Another Institution (google doc ) UM 1851 View
Animal Physical Move to Another RAR Location (google doc ) UM 1852 View
Animal Transfer to Another Protocol or EFS Account (google doc ) UM 1853 View
Annual Report of External Professional Activities (REPA) PR 15, REPA View
Application for External Research Support (Proposal Routing) BA 23, PRF View
Application for Medical School/UMF Faculty Research and Equipment Award (doc ) UM 1855 View
Declaration of Pregnancy (pdf ) UM 1878 View
Departmental Fixed Price Closeout Checklist (Optional) (docx) UM 1767 View
Equipment Screening Form for hESC Lines Ineligible for Federal or State Funding (docx) UM 1671 View
F and A Reduction Request Form (docx) UM 1715 View
Guidelines and Consent for Text Message Correspondence for Research Participants (pdf) UM 1836 View
IND/IDE Documentation Submission to the Central File (docx) UM 1813 View
International Travel Grants Online Application System UM 1867 View
Investigational Drug Service Registered Only (RO) (docx) UM 1890 View
Material Transfer Agreement Routing Form UM 1868 View
Preaward / Advance Account Request Form (docx) UM 1716 View
RAR Diagnostic Laboratory Submission (pdf ) UM 1871 View
RAR Post-operative Admission Form (pdf ) UM 1872 View
RAR Technical Services Request (pdf ) UM 1873 View
Report of Effort or Unpaid Activity (Effort Template) (xls ) UM 1838 View
Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances DEA 106 View
Request For Access to Restricted RAR Animal Housing Areas (doc ) UM 1875 View
Request for Exception to Openness in Research Policy (docx) UM 1628 View
Research Data Ownership Acknowledgment (docx) UM 1810 View
UM IDE Sponsor or Sponsor-Investigator Registration Checklist and Self-Assessment (pdf) UM 1899 View
UM IND Sponsor or Sponsor-Investigator Registration Checklist and Self-Assessment (pdf) UM 1898 View
Use of Ionizing Radiation in Human Subjects (docx ) UM 1880 View