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Acquiring and Disposing of University Real Estate
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review.

  1. Changes the property value thresholds in the Administrative Procedure to better align with University purchasing guidelines and Delegations of Authority.
  2. Provides clarifications regarding the process to be followed if a sale that had been offered via public process is not executed.
  3. Specifies that the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations is able to grant exceptions to the policy, provided the exceptions are consistent with Board of Regents Policy.
Effort Certification
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. Minor revisions for clarity. 

Individual Conflicts of Interest and Standards Governing Relationships with Business Entities
Last Revised Revision Description

Updated policy and procedures to include new requirements for Department of Energy-funded researchers, pursuant to changes in the Department of Energy's conflict of interest regulations.

For-Cause Investigations Related to Research Compliance Concerns
Last Revised Revision Description

Policy updated to reflect current reporting structure. The Research Compliance Office was dissolved, and a new office, Risk Intelligence and Compliance Team (RIACT), was formed. The language was updated to reflect this, as well as the change in reporting, as the investigation will go through the RIACT Director and directly to the Vice President for Research (VPR) vs. being handled by the Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR) as previously noted in the older version of the policy. This is a minor shift given that the RIACT Director reports directly to the VPR. This is primarily reflected in the procedure. The other key addition to the procedure is that instruction has been added to describe how a concerned party may submit a research compliance concern, as the current version lacks this information.

Language Proficiency Requirements for Teaching Assistants
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. Minor Revisions.

  1. Added IELTS as a testing option for proficiency
  2. Modified nonnative speaker for English definition
  3. Minor changes for clarity
Charging of Facilities and Administrative/Indirect Costs to Sponsored Projects
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. Minor revisions.

  1. Fellowship awards (all sponsors) do not need an F&A waiver if the rate is 8% TDC or higher
  2. A new category of “regular” waiver is established to allow U to accept for-profit entities with published F&A policies (if dept/college agree)
  3. Added clarity around capped awards
  4. Accommodated previous request from CRAD to clarify wording around “acceptable” reasons for waivers  
Grading and Transcripts: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester
Last Revised Revision Description

Made one edit to Section A.1.C. Rationale: A SCEP member noted a typo that created confusion so we edited to remove typo and further clarify intent of sentence.

Added exception language to Section E.7. Rationale from UMR: Students in the Respiratory Care Program on the Rochester campus are locked into a course sequence that is limited to 11 credits in the Spring semester of their Junior and Senior years; because the current policy states that students must complete 12 credits on an A-F scale to qualify for the Dean's List, these students are effectively barred from qualifying for the Chancellor's List for two semesters of their program. The proposed exception language on page 6 will remedy this.

Scheduling Examinations, Final Examinations, and Study Days: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. Key Changes

  1. Reordered and condensed content for clarity.
  2. Added new information regarding asynchronous exams.
  3. Clarified study day language.
  4. Added grammatical updates.