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Excused Absences and Makeup Work: Crookston, Morris, Rochester, Twin Cities
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. Minor revisions.

  • Rename to “Excused Absences and Makeup Work” and removed references to "legitimate"
  • Added guiding principles.
  • Removed reference to "single episode medical absence" in response to the documentation for medical absences being a self-report form (Health centers across the system are not providing absence notes to
  • Updated list of excused circumstances to reflect feedback received during consultation.
  • Removed specific reference to voting as not being an excused absence; added FAQ about voting.
  • Updated policy statement to include reference to excused absences.
  • Added a reference to the “travel” letter for student athletes in Makeup Work 2.b.
  • Consistently referred to Disability Resource Centers as DR/C.
  • Reworded Excused Circumstances
  • Revised and reorganized the FAQs into categories for searchability
Awarding Posthumous Degrees
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review.

  1. Adjusted language in the Policy Statement and Reason for Policy sections to have this language consistent between the two, "completed a sufficient portion of the planned degree program."
  2. Addition of two FAQs to provide:
    1. information about alternative options for recognizing student achievement who don't meet the "sufficient portion" standard and
    2. clarification that there is not a separate notation on the transcript or diploma to indicate that a degree was awarded posthumously.