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Funding and Approvals of Capital Projects
Last Revised Revision Description
Comprehensive Review. Minor edits for clarification.
Background Checks and Verifications
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review - Key Changes:

  1. New guidance on when social media checks are allowed or required
  2. Allowing exceptions to individuals starting employment prior to the completion of their background check only under extenuating circumstances
  3. Requiring international criminal checks to be done only where a foreign national does not have a current visa or authorization to work in the United States, or where US Nationals have lived outside the US for greater than 12 months.
  4. Clarifying when background checks are required for current or recent employees transfer or seasonal rehire situations.
  5. Clarifying and updating language according to current business practices
Classifying and Recording Sponsorships for University-Hosted Events/Activities
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review: Added language related to who to contact if there are concerns related to accepting a sponsorship from a potential unacceptable source and expanded the groups that might be ridiculed, exploited or discriminated against. Created a new appendix to assist units in determining a fair market value for the return benefits, added celebrity appearances, tours and certain types of swag bags as gift eligible return benefits, added a couple of frequently asked questions and other minor edits for clarification.

Accepting and Managing Gifts
Last Revised Revision Description

August 2022 – Comprehensive Review, Minor revisions including co-ownership assigned between UMF and the Controller’s Office. Updated contacts, eliminated unnecessary definitions, increased clarity around unique gift/donor purposes such as in-kind gifts, charitable grants, and expenditure of emergency funds through a new accompanying procedure.

President's Delegations of Authority
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. 1. Expanded the FAQ to address common questions or problems. 2. Emphasized the document requirements that authorize changes to delegations as well as notifications to delegatees. 3. Made other minor updates to reflect current practice and improve clarity.

Emeriti Title for Retired Faculty
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review, Minor revisions.

  1. Clarify that the president must consult with unit faculty in cases in which the president considers withholding or withdrawing the emeritus title;
  2. Clarify minimum privileges associated with emeritus status and associated University benefits;
  3. Clarify unit and collegiate roles and responsibilities;
  4. Clarify that emeritus status is not conferred upon leaving the University for a similar full time position elsewhere;
  5. Minor edits: Outdated language, corrections, gendered language.