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Equity and Access: Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Names and Pronouns
Last Revised Revision Description

Terminology changes to reflect shifting best practices in this area. Including (1) all-gender instead of gender inclusive; (2) chosen instead of specified pronouns; (3) gender expansive instead of gender non-conforming.

Information Security Risk Management
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review, Minor Revisions: 1. Revised policy statement. 2. Reformatted and updated the Risk Assessment section. 3. New definition for Compensating Control and Remediation Plan. 4. Updated definition of Information Security Exception Process and Private Data with hyperlinks to associated policy and procedures.

Managing Billings to and Receivables from External Customers
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review:

  • Modified terminology and updated responsibilities related to the PEAK implementation (cluster vs finops center)
  • Added language about departments being responsible for any shortfalls related to currency conversion in the policy
  • Added how to handle alternate payment options in the “Receiving Payment” procedure
Application of Credits for Students Earning Graduate Degrees
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. Reorganized and restructured information to increase ease of use.

Mandatory Attendance at First Class Session and Consequences for Absence: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. Minor revisions.

  • Added procedure for Twin Cities for Administrative Withdrawal
  • Updated language around course modality
  • Removed options for faculty to either assign a grade or disenroll student
  • The landscape of online courses has changed significantly since the policy was last updated, therefore the language in the policy was updated to reflect current language regarding modality.
  • Instructors have more than 2 limited options when students do not attend the first day, therefore we removed the options from the policy language.