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Using Vehicles for University Business
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive review. Changes made reflect: updated language for tickets received from a camera based issuing system, added language for permanently assigned vehicles to certain employee positions, added language to include use of car allowances, changed language to change how an employee is treated in the authorized driver database in relationship to accident frequency, added or changed language for clarity of meaning.

Student Travel and Education Abroad: Health and Safety
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive review, Minor Revisions:

  1. Clarified actions that academic departments could take to advise and assist students in advance of their participation in education abroad programs that are not
    affiliated with the University.
  2. Language clarified to be more generic across the system.
  3. Addressed issues raised by Equity Lens Policy Review Committee.
Charging Sponsored Costs Outside the Award Period
Last Revised Revision Description


Comprehensive review. Removed the statement that "advance accounts may only be used if the project's start date listed on the received award documents is on or after the current date." In practice, an advance account may be requested ANYTIME the Univerisity has received award paperwork and has not yet completed negotiations. Other minor edits for clarity.


General Accounting
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive review included clarifying edits to policy, definitions and responsibilities language for consistency within policy and with related policies.

Acquiring and Use of the U Card
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive review. Minor revisions for clarity.

Grade Accountability: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester
Last Revised Revision Description

Comprehensive Review. The proposed changes provide clarity to existing policy and includes language to better clarify instructor responsibility.

Reporting Suspected Misconduct
Last Revised Revision Description

Minor change to clarify process for reporting concerns related to University funds and public resources.