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Forms Including Contracts
Number Title Governing Policies and Ownership
OTR172 Academic Policy Petition (undergraduate & professional programs) (Onestop Forms) View
OTR053 Additional Undergraduate Degree Program Application (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1783 American Indian Tuition Waiver Application Form: Morris (pdf ) View
OTR270 Application for Undergraduate Change of Campus (Onestop Forms) View
OTR014 Application for Undergraduate Change of College (Onestop Forms) View
OTR031 Application to Register at Multiple University of Minnesota Campuses (Onestop Forms) View
FA 829 Automatic Loan Payment (ACH) Plan Authorization (Onestop Forms) View
OTR024 Class Time Conflict Approval (electronic) View
OTR222 Consent to Release Academic Information (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1858 Course Material Request Form View
FA 865 Direct Deposit Authorization for Student Account Refunds View
DAC Directed Activity Contract (UMN Twin Cities) View
UM 1776 Doctoral Degree: Program-Wide Exception to the Maximum Time Limit (docx) View
UM 1777 Doctoral Degree: Request for Extension to the Maximum Time Limit (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 178 Duplicate Diploma Request (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 055 Enrollment/Degree Verification (Onestop Forms) View
FA 925 Federal Perkins Loan Deferment/Cancellation Request (Onestop Forms) View
OTR179 FedEx Diploma Delivery Request (Onestop Forms) View
FA 113 Financial Aid Accommodation Request (Onestop Forms) View
FA 850 Financial Aid Withholding Authorization (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1864 Get It Book Request - On Campus Delivery View
OTR 198 Graduate Degree Plan (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 190 Graduate Student Petition (Onestop Forms) View
FA921 Housing/Living Arrangement Change (Onestop Forms) View
ADV 110 Incomplete Grade Contract View
FA599 Independent Status Appeal (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 192 Language Department Certification of Foreign Language Proficiency (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1759 Leave of Absence Reinstatement Request: Graduate Students (Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester) (docx) View
UM 1758 Leave of Absence Request - Graduate Students: Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester (docx) View
OTR161 Legal Name and/or Legal Gender Change (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 196 Letter of Certification Request form (Onestop Forms) View
FA 848 Loan Information Disclosure (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1778 Master's Degree: Program-Wide Exception to the Maximum Time Limit (docx) View
UM 1779 Master's Degree: Request for Extension to the Maximum Time Limit (Onestop Forms) View
OTR174 Medical Supplement (Onestop Forms) View
FA575 Minnesota State Grant Additional Eligibility Review (Onestop Forms) View
FA679 Minnesota State Grant Questionnaire (Onestop Forms) View
FA875 NFLP Certification of Deferment Status (Onestop Forms) View
FA877 NFLP Employment Certification (Onestop Forms) View
FA876 NFLP Request for Partial Cancellation (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1895 Notification of Travel During Education Abroad Program (pdf) View
OTR186 Official Transcript Request (Onestop Forms) View
FA 847 Payment Plan Change Request and Financial Statement (Onestop Forms) View
FA 849 Payroll Deduction Authorization (Onestop Forms) View
FA402 Post-Secondary Education History (Onestop Forms) View
FA709 Prerequisite Coursework Certification (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1881 Procedure for Career-to-Career Transfers (Instructions: OTR 28 and OTR 29) (pdf) View
FA711 Program Clarification (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1801 Reference Request and Employee Authorization (doc) View
UM 1711 Reference Request and Student Authorization (doc) View