Policy Maintenance Toolkit

Welcome to the Policy Maintenance Toolkit! This Toolkit provides a wealth of information related to your policies and associated documents (procedures, forms, FAQ, etc.) that will assist you in reviewing and maintaining your documents. Also provided is the revision history, the date your next comprehensive review is due for completion, ownership, and a link to feedback received through the Policy Library site.

All policies filtered by specific responsible individuals (senior leader, responsible officer, policy owner, or policy contact) are available by entering the name or position title in the search box below.

If searching for Myron Frans, Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations, a search for "Myron", "Frans", or "Operations" would all work. If searching for "SVP Finance and Operations" the search would not work, as Frans is listed as Senor Vice President for Finance and Operations.

Owner List
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List of Responsible Individuals for Policies
Name Position Title Link to Policies
Melina Helgeson Assistant Director, Fleet Services See policies associated with helge205
Sammy Loeks Youth Safety and Compliance Manager See policies associated with loeks001
Adam Krajicek Director, Environmental Health & Safety See policies associated with krajicek
Adepeju Solarin Director, Office for Conflict Resolution See policies associated with sola0020
Alejandra Pena Gutierrez Director, Weisman Art Museum See policies associated with apenagut
Alice Roberts-Davis Vice President for University Services See policies associated with alicerd
Alissa Sayles Director of Financial Aid See policies associated with asayles
Alyssa Bonnac See policies associated with rues0022
Amber Bailey Graphic/Multimedia Designer - UMC Administration See policies associated with albailey
Amber Cellotti Interim Director, Office of the Registrar See policies associated with knap0071