Developing New Policies

Administrative policies may be created with meet one or more of the criteria specified in Administrative Policy: Establishing Administrative Policies. Tools provided below will assist when developing new policies, including the following templates.


Our program provides training for those developing policies. Below is a list of materials to help you develop a policy:

Planning the Policy

New policies must be requested by completing an administrative plan (UM 1641 - Administrative Policy Plan). This plan allows you, the policy owner, to summarize the policy, explain the need for the policy, assess the risk(s) that are associated with the policy topic, and quantify the impact if no policy were in place. The second half of the form captures best practices in this area, the extent and type of end user involvement planned in the policy development, as well as identifying the mechanism(s) by which policy compliance will be measured.


The Policy template (see above) and the Guide to Writing Policy are the first documents to use for your new policy. Procedures, FAQs, and Appendices may be created as needed to supplement the policy. Policy owners may contact the Director of the University Policy Program (Seth Beccard at 612-625-2210 or bec[email protected]) at any point in the planning or drafting stage. Once drafted, the director will guide you through the subsequent review and approval steps.