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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Comprehensively Reviewing Existing Administrative Policies

Administrative Procedure


The purpose of a comprehensive review is to take an in depth look at existing administrative policies to: 1) determine if a policy is still needed or if it should be combined with another administrative policy; 2) determine whether the purpose and goal of the policy is still being met; 3) determine if changes are required to improve the effectiveness or clarity of the policy and procedures; and 4) to ensure that appropriate education, monitoring and ongoing review of the policy is occurring.


This review will be a partnership between the policy owner and the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC). Recommendations and subsequent outcomes will be shared with the President’s Policy Committee (PPC).


  1. Policies for review are identified either by the policy owner or by the Director of the University Policy Program (UPP).
  2. The UPP Director will forward a copy of the list of policies up for review is forwarded to the Diversity Community of Practice to assist in applying an equity lens to the current version of the policy 
  3. The policy owner selects the current policy language from the published version in the Policy library. If there are related documents, the process is the same.
    1. Open up a blank Word document.
    2. Go to the desired document in the library. Highlight the content, beginning with the Block M, and word Administrative policy.
    3. Select all content through the end of the history section (if copying a policy.)
    4. Copy the information and paste into the blank Word document.
    5. Repeat the steps for each associated document to the policy.
    6. Alternatively, select all, copy and paste into word document. Then delete all content before the block M and Document Feedback and after.
  4. The policy owner examines their policies and procedures, considering comments captured through the comment boxes on the policy and related documents (available under the maintenance tab) as well as feedback obtained through their other mechanisms, such as meetings, comments from the Diversity Community of Practice (DCoP) examination of the current version of the administrative policy, and help line.
    1. The owner may also choose to complete form UM1835 which contains a set of questions associated with comprehensive reviews. This form need not be submitted but rather used as a guide for the policy owner.
  5. The policy owner revises the policy and associated documents as needed, using track changes.
    1. The policy owner consults the revised draft with key constituents:
      1. Internal management and other individuals that have some piece of the process or who may be impacted by the changes;
      2. the Diversity Community of Practice- see schedule for DCoP Equity Lens Meeting Dates located here;(see appendix Consultation Guidelines for Administrative Policies
      3. appropriate Senate committees, if any, as specified on the Senate Matrix; and
        1. Contact the Senate Office a minimum of 30-days in advance of the Senate meeting on which this policy would be reviewed.
      4. Representatives or committees that are comprised of the direct audience for the policy (e.g., for human resource policies, it might be the Human Resources Leads).
  6. The owner completes the Administrative Policy review form (UM 1648) and informs the University Policy Program (UPP) Director that the policy is ready to present to the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC). The policy owner sends the revised documents and form are sent to the UPP director.
  7. The UPP Director performs a preliminary review of the form and policy, and provides suggestions. The policy owner determines whether to incorporate any of the suggestions.
  8. The Director then forwards the revised policy, form, and associated documents to the PAC members for review approximately one week in advance of the meeting.
  9. At the PAC meeting, the policy owner presents the revised policy and captures feedback from the PAC members.
  10. The policy owner makes changes to the policy draft, if any, and forwards the final to the UPP Director.
    1. If the changes to the policy are minor, the policy is updated on the web and appropriate communications of the key changes are distributed.
    2. If the changes are significant, the policy is placed on the agenda of the President’s Policy Committee at their next scheduled meeting.

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