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Comprehensive Review Questions for Consideration


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

The following questions may be of value to you as a policy owner, when beginning the comprehensive review of existing policies.  This document is for your use only and need not be submitted to the Policy Program.

  1. What is working well with the process and policy?
  2. Does this policy have known points of failure, and if so, what improvements would reduce these failure points?
  3. If compliance with this policy is part of measuring its effectiveness, how do you assess compliance?
  4. Are there audit findings to consider?
  5. How does your policy compare with peer institutions?
  6. What common questions have been asked since the past review? Are they on particular clauses or section of the policy?
  7. Are there patterns to consider from the policy comments submitted to the library?
  8. Does the policy owner or senior leader wish to propose a significant change?
  9. When considering policy language through the stated equity lenses, are there any potential barriers to compliance with the policy or disparate impacts created by a policy and/or related documents (FAQ, procedures, appendices)?
    1. Equity lens: ethnicity, race, religious expression, veteran status, people of color, people who identify as women, age, socio-economic, people with both apparent and non-apparent disabilities, gender identity and expressions, sexual orientation and American Indians and other indigenous populations
  10. If so (Q9):
    1. Describe the potential barrier or disparity
    2. Specify how the potential barrier/disparity might be mitigated/not mitigated
    3. Explain the process used to arrive at the determination
    4. State how those impacted by the identified disparity were consulted
  11. Who are the central individuals or units that should review this policy?
  12. For system-wide or multi-campus policies, what is your plan for involving relevant staff in the revision and consultation process?
  13. Does this policy still align with other associated policies?
  14. Are the impacted audiences still the same?
  15. Are any changes needed to reflect current titles, changes in authorities for the individuals who play a role in the policy?
  16. If there are special situations, have these changes? More to add or remove?
  17. Should there be changes to prohibitions?
  18. Are there new documentation requirements/changes?
  19. Are any new supplemental documents needed?
  20. Are there FAQs to be added?
  21. Are the procedures still correct?