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Consultation Guidelines for Administrative Policies

Appendix to Policy

All policies, whether new, under comprehensive review, or containing a non-minor change to an existing policy, must undergo consultation. Only polices with minor changes are exempt from this requirement.

The purpose for the consultation is to engage end users and other administrative units in advance of a policy or policy revision being published so that:

  • the clarity and accuracy of the information may be confirmed;
  • gaps in the policy might be identified; and
  • to engage these audiences in change management.

The following table provides some guidance for policy owners when determining the audiences with whom consultation should occur. Selection from these lists would depend on the nature of the policy content. Each owner should determine which of these groups/individuals are impacted by the policy and procedure.

Category of PolicyAudiences to Consider while Planning Consultation
All policies
  • Senior leadership within your organizational structure to ensure support for the new policy or proposed changes
  • Engage other central administrative units who have some role or touchpoint in the proposed policy or procedures
  • Diversity Community of Practice – Equity Subcommittee
  • The designated faculty governance group (see Senate Matrix)
  • General Counsel, where appropriate for the subject matter
  • System campuses (if not otherwise represented in established groups with whom you’ll be consulting)
Administrative and Operations
  • This is a miscellaneous grouping of policies and the consultative bodies vary widely by the policy content.
  • Resource Responsibility Center Managers (RRCs)
  • Financial Management Advisory Committee (FinMAC)
  • Cluster Directors
  • Council of Research Associate Deans (CRAD)
  • Effort Reporting Coordinators
  • Grants Management User Network (GMUN)
  • Research Compliance Committee (RCC)
Human Resources
  • HR leads
Information Technology
  • IT Community
  • Data custodians
  • Security Advisory Committee
  • Privacy Officers
  • Registrar’s Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Graduate Education Council (GEC)
  • College Advisory Group (CAG)
  • Associate Deans for Graduate Education

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