University of Minnesota  Administrative Policy

Hiring Faculty and Staff

Policy Statement

To demonstrate the University’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and to recruiting and hiring a qualified workforce, units will conduct searches for all new or vacant non-student positions. Units consult with the Office of Human Resources or their local HR representative to develop sourcing and recruiting strategies that will help build diverse candidate pools, assist the University in meeting its affirmative action goals, and strengthen the University’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Job Postings

Units must post positions for a minimum of seven calendar days. Units determine the scope of the search (international, national, local, or internal to the University) as appropriate given the position’s role and responsibilities within the University and following any requirements in Appendix: Consultation, Approval and other Requirements for Recruitment and Selection By Employee Group. Units must include the University of Minnesota Equal Opportunity Statement in published advertisements as well as on the job description itself.

Offers of Employment

Units may make offers of employment to candidates, contingent upon the successful completion of a background check and verification of employment eligibility (I-9). Refer to Administrative Policy: Background Checks and Verifications for the background check requirements. Offer letters must include language on the I-9 requirements found in the hiring template letter checklists. Units are required to have the I-9 fully completed by the end of the first day of work for pay in order for new hires to start work or accrue the rights and benefits of employment. Offer letters must also include the notice proscribed by the Minnesota Wage Theft Law and the specific information about employment status and terms found in the hiring template letter checklists.


In consultation with the Vice President of the Office of Human Resources and the Equal Opportunity & Title IX Director, the President has discretion to hire without a search. Units with advance approval may choose to hire without a search if the situation meets the criteria specified in the Hiring Without a Search procedure.


Acting and/or interim appointments, appointments lasting less than three days, distinguished hires, reassignments, positions returning within 365 days which had previously been recruited for, positions held by students at the time of graduation to complete their current work up to three months, and student positions are excluded from this policy.

Reason for Policy

To implement Board of Regents Policies: Employee Recruitment and Retention (PDF) and Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action (PDF) and comply with the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act. This policy supports units in recruiting and hiring the most qualified employees in compliance with University policy and state and federal laws and regulations.


Primary ContactAndrea Yanego [email protected]
Primary Contact - job postings or applicationsOHR Contact Center612-624-8647[email protected]
Hiring Foreign NationalsISSS612-626-7100[email protected]
Accommodation RequestsTwin Cities - Disability Resource Center612-626-1333[email protected]
Crookston – Disability Resource Center218-281-8587[email protected]
Duluth – Disability Resource Center218-726-8217[email protected]
Morris – Disability Resource Center320-589-6178[email protected]
Rochester – Disability Resource Center507-258-8058[email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Responsible Officer Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Vice President, Office of Human Resources
  • Senior Director, Talent Strategy
  • Andrea Yanego
    Senior Director, Talent Strategy


Distinguished Faculty Hire

Hire of an individual when it is unlikely that a search will result in a more qualified candidate and when the hire will enhance the reputation of the academic discipline.

Returning Positions

Individuals returning to the same position after a work break of no more than six months.


Move of an employee from one position to another position in the same job classification and within the manager's reporting lines.


Competitive recruitment process used to identify the most qualified candidates for a new or vacant position. A search is visible to potential applicants, provides equal opportunity to applicants, and meets federal and state job listing requirements.

No Search

When it is unlikely that a search will result in a more qualified candidate; no-search or request for a no-search hire is required for this action.

Spousal/Partner Hire

Hire of an individual whose spouse/partner has been hired to a faculty position or is under consideration at the University or as part of a retention effort of their spouse/partner.


A Responsibility Resource Center or a seniority unit.


Director, Equal Opportunity & Title IX

Consult on EOT data as needed.

Local HR Administrator

Available to consult on sourcing and recruiting strategies and other search processes as needed.

Executive Vice President and Provost

Responsible administrator who reviews and approves or denies requests for a no-search hire of distinguished faculty or spousal/partner hires.

Office of Human Resources - Talent Acquisition

Consult on search process.

Search Committee

When appropriate for a search, charged by the responsible administrator to carry out sourcing, recruiting and evaluating strategies according to University policy and procedures.



June 2019 - New Policy. 1. Replaces the current Recruitment and Selection for Faculty and Academic Professional Employees. 2. Expands the scope of the policy to all employees. 3. Achieves a better content balance between requirements that pertain to hiring of all staff, and the exception hires that do not require a search. 4. Consolidates the information from 17 procedures into 4, and from 10 appendices into 4.


Recruitment and Selection for Faculty and Academic Professional Employees