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Verifying Highest Degree


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Governing Policy


Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Verification of the highest degree is required for all new faculty and academic professional and administrative (P&A) employees except those excluded below. The hiring department may obtain this verification from the new employee in the form of:

  • a letter from an authorized university official that degree requirements have been met by a specific date; or
  • an official transcript showing the date of the degree. 

It is highly recommended that verification be obtained through a background check handled through the Office of Human Resources. For more information and process steps, consult Administrative Policy: Background Checks and Verification.

Verification of highest degree is not required for persons in either of the following two categories:

  • academic employees who are affiliates; (i.e., individuals for whom no salary dollars will be paid through the University of Minnesota payroll system), and
  • visiting faculty.

Should faculty or P&A employees move from affiliate status to a paid appointment, verification would then be required except in the case of those individuals on visiting faculty appointments.