Recently Updated Policies

Accessibility of Information Technology
August 9, 2018

Comprehensive Review.      

Clarified the inclusion of media; Provided specificity around the process for accommodation requests; Provided greater specificity around individual student, faculty and other Web resources exempted from the policy.

Charging Sponsored Costs Outside the Award Period
July 27, 2018

Comprehensive review.  Minor Revisions. Policy updated for clarity, reflect Enterprise Financial System (EFS) upgrade and primary contact information.  Clarified PIs and their department should request pre-award or advance account any time spending needs to occur prior to the time a new or renewal award is processed. Clarified PI responsibilities under this policy. Clarified that cost sharing accounts will not be established under pre-award or advance accounts.

Hospitality and Entertainment of Non-Employees
July 19, 2018

Comprehensive Review, Major Revision.

  • Clarified that this policy is only applicable when external parties are involved and are integral to the purpose of the event.
  • Expenses related to employees only, employee recognition and employee engagement moved to new business expense policy.
  • College/System Campuses/VP Units may establish more restrictive guidelines than the ones within this policy.
  • Clarified the $100 limit includes food, beverages (incl. alcohol), tax and tip
  • Tipping should not exceed 20%
  • Exceptions must route to Controller from unit Chief Financial Manager
  • Related Procedure Documenting Hospitality and Special Expenses renamed to Applying for Expense Reimbursement (applicable to both policies)
  • Related Appendix University Fund Types no longer needed as referring directly to the Chart of Accounts, Fund page
  • Related Appendix University Employee Recognition Awards moved to Administrative Policy: Business Expenses
Business Expenses
July 19, 2018

New Policy. After extensive consultation with financial leaders across the campus, common pain points were identified. A gap in policy as it relates to non-recruitment/non donor relations types expenditures needed to be covered. This new Business Expense Policy addresses the gap.  All policy/procedures related to expenses for employees only have been removed from the Hospitality & Special Expenses policy and incorporated into the new Business Expenses policy. Cell Phone and Business Data Plan policy has been rolled into the Business Expense policy and that policy can be retired.
The Hospitality & Entertainment of Non-Employees policy will apply for hospitality or entertainment purposes related to recruitment and/or donor relations only.

Distribution of Temporary Information through Publications, Banners or Chalking
June 13, 2018

Comprehensive Review. Minor Revisions. Policy title changed to add the word “Temporary”. Changes include the reorganization of materials from the procedures into campus-specific appendices. Adding new appendix for reporting disrespectful information. The content of the policy and its standards / requirements are unchanged except for minor formatting corrections and edits for clarity.