Recently Updated Policies

Using the University Travel Card
June 19, 2019

New Policy

  1. Switches from an individual liability card (American Express) to corporate liability card (US Bank)
    • UMN pays the bill each month
  2. Establishes the parameters for using the card.
  • 60 days to reconcile and submit expenses for approval
  • Receipts required for purchase more than $25
  • Allow alcohol (only on non-sponsored private funds)
  • Chief Financial Managers may require the use of a travel card for their campus, college, or vice presidential unit
Hiring Faculty and Staff
June 19, 2019

New Policy 1. Replaces the current Recruitment and Selection for Faculty and Academic Professional Employees.  2. Expands the scope of the policy to all employees.  3. Achieves a better content balance between requirements that pertain to hiring of all staff, and the exception hires that do not require a search. 4. Consolidates the information from 17 procedures into 4, and from 10 appendices into 4.

Student Travel and Education Abroad: Health and Safety
June 14, 2019

Comprehensive Review. Major revision.

1. Adds four definitions of the level of program facilitation (notify, support, promote, organize) including requirements of units pending their level of support.
2. Includes an undergraduate requirement of working through an education abroad office that the requirements only to for-credit programs.
3. Requirements units organizing education abroad opportunities to implement a travel tracking system for students doing independent travel during program dates.
4. Specifies that program leaders must receive health and safety training within 12 months of the start of their program (which has already been the standard practice.)
5. Defines the use of the Travel Registry for students not working through an education abroad office.
6. Updates the term label from Travel Warning language to Travel Advisory language.

Information Security
June 13, 2019

Comprehensive Review. 

  • Merges the Internal Access to and Sharing University Information policy with the Information Security policy
  • Updates the Managing Access to University Information to include procedure for provisioning and access review
  • Updates the security controls in the information security standards (in appendices) to provide more clarification and identify which are required at each security level
  • Combines security standards and controls for multi-user and single-user systems into a new information security standard and add new standards for software development, virus/malware protection management and encryption
  • Updates the policy statement, reason for the policy, contacts, definitions, responsibilities, related information, procedures and appendices (standards)
Phased Retirement Program: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester
June 5, 2019

Comprehensive review.  Clarifying language regarding time to consider continuation medical/dental coverage. Updates made to policy language for accuracy and current contact and responsibility information.  Minor updates to FAQs and procedure for clarity.   Changes made to agreement form.

Regents Scholarship Program
June 5, 2019

Comprehensive Review. Minor Revisions: Policy statement strengthened to include language prohibiting departmental funds to supplement scholarship funds and prominently state potential tax consequences.  Also, policy statement now includes welcoming opening statement regarding purpose and intent.  Form improved.  Appendix modified.

Export Controls
June 4, 2019

Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision. Minor wording changes and updates to links and contacts.

Clinical Research Using Drugs
May 30, 2019

Comprehensive Review. Minor Revisions.
1. Incorporates a new title and more active voice.
2. Revises the formatting of the Procedures section (now a Power Point document as PDF moved to the appendices) and the revision of the Registered Only form from five pages to one.
3. Updates to reflect current technology, specifically ETHOS (IRB protocol review program) and OnCore (clinical trials management system).
4. Includes revisions to definitions and responsibilities.

Acquisition, Use, and Disposition of Donated Human Fetal Tissue for Research (Non-Transplantation) or Teaching
May 30, 2019

Legal Review.  Language to clarify the respective roles of the Fetal Tissue Review Committee (FTR) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Minor wording and formatting changes to match new language in the transplantation policy on transfer of tissue and the annual legislative report.  

Acquisition, Use, and Disposition of Donated Human Fetal Tissue for Transplantation Research
May 30, 2019 Legal Revisions. Language is added to: a) prohibit or regulate the transfer of human fetal tissue that was not used for transplantation; b)) clarify the role of the Fetal Tissue Research Committee (FTR) when research requires review and approval by the IRB; c) include fetal tissue transplantation research activities (to the extent there are any) in the required annual report to the legislature; and d) add a responsibilities section for the FTR
Academic Calendars: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester
April 17, 2019

Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision. 1.  Incorporates minor edits to improve understandability and removes the December 23rd date for end of fall term due to equity concerns. 2. Re-wrote summer term section to increase accuracy across all our campuses and remove extraneous information about sessions. 

Vacation Leave for Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees
April 2, 2019

Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision. 1. Eliminates old terminology. 2. Updates responsibilities and contact information according to the current processes.

Unpaid Personal Leaves for Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees
April 2, 2019

Comprehensive Review, minor revision. 1. Eliminates old terminology. 2. Updates responsibilities and contact information