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Number Title Governing Policies and Ownership
UM 1759 Leave of Absence Reinstatement Request: Graduate Students (Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester) (docx) View
UM 1758 Leave of Absence Request - Graduate Students: Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester (docx) View
OTR161 Legal Name and/or Legal Gender Change (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 196 Letter of Certification Request form (Onestop Forms) View
OGC-SC752 Letter of Understanding (docx) View
OGC-SC691 License Agreement - Huntington Bank Stadium Loge Box (docx) View
OGC-SC692 License Agreement - Huntington Bank Stadium Suite (docx) View
OGC-SC688 License Agreement - Utilities (docx) View
FA 848 Loan Information Disclosure (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1900 Major Event Proposal View
UM 1778 Master's Degree: Program-Wide Exception to the Maximum Time Limit (docx) View
UM 1779 Master's Degree: Request for Extension to the Maximum Time Limit (Onestop Forms) View
OGC-SC711 Material Transfer Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC407 Material Transfer Agreement (docx) View
UM 1868 Material Transfer Agreement Routing Form View
UM 1654 May and Summer Sessions/Terms Request for Graduate Assistant Tuition Benefits (docx) View
OTR174 Medical Supplement (Onestop Forms) View
OGC-SC126 Membership Agreement (docx) View
UM 1893 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Sharing Private Data with University of Minnesota Faculty and Researchers – Example (docx) View
OGC-SC908sc Memorandum of Understanding - Academic and Scholarly Projects -- System Campuses (docx) View
OGC-SC908tc Memorandum of Understanding - Academic and Scholarly Projects -- Twin Cities (docx) View
UM 1821 Memorandum of Understanding - Community-Campus Collaboration (docx) View
OGC-SC415 Memorandum of Understanding for Patent Reimbursement (docx) View
FA575 Minnesota State Grant Additional Eligibility Review (Onestop Forms) View
FA679 Minnesota State Grant Questionnaire (Onestop Forms) View
MSRS Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) Employee Information (pdf) View
ST3, BA 1358 MN Dept. of Revenue - Certificate of Exemption (pdf) View
OGC-SC750 MN-IP Domestic Research Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC724 MN-IP Master Domestic Research Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC417 MNBridge Income Distribution Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC418 MNBridge Income Distribution Memorandum of Understanding (docx) View
OGC-SC622 MnSCU Facilities Use Agreement - On Campus Only (pdf) View
OGC-SC499 Model Inter-Institutional Agreement (2013) (docx) View
OGC-SC499a Model Inter-Institutional Agreement - User Guide (2013) (docx) View
OGC-SC753 Model STTR Agreement (docx) View
UM 1849 Morris Campus Change Fund (Cash Box) Request (docx) View
OGC-SC606 Multi-Facility Use Agreement - External Use (docx) View
OGC-SC605 Multi-Facility Use Agreement - Internal Use (docx) View
OGC-SC637B Multi-Facility Use Agreement - Safety of Minors Addendum, CES (doc) View
OGC-SC411-OTC Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement - OTC (docx) View
OGC-SC4205 Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement SPA (docx) View
FA875 NFLP Certification of Deferment Status (Onestop Forms) View
FA877 NFLP Employment Certification (Onestop Forms) View
FA876 NFLP Request for Partial Cancellation (Onestop Forms) View
OGC-SC414 No Property Interest in Invention (docx) View
OGC-SC214 Non-Research Volunteer Agreement and Release (docx) View
OGC-SC262 Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality Information Agreement - Veterinary Medicine (docx) View
OGC-SC221 Non-Student Participant Release & Waiver - College or Department Programs (docx) View
OGC-SC217 Non-Student Participant Release & Waiver - Education Abroad Office Programs (doc) View
OGC-SC408 Nondisclosure Agreement - U Disclosing to Company (docx) View