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Number Title Governing Policies and Ownership
OGC-SC129 Services Agreement - CTSI Biorepository and Laboratory Services (BLS) Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC102i Services Agreement - Instructions (docx) View
OGC-SC905 Services Agreement - International Incoming Groups - GPS Alliance (docx) View
OGC-SC905i Services Agreement - International Incoming Groups - GPS Alliance - Instructions (docx) View
OGC-SC107 Services Agreement Confidentiality Addendum-Information & Results (docx) View
OGC-SC107i Services Agreement Confidentiality Addendum-Information & Results - Instructions (docx) View
OGC-SC102ci Services Agreement with Confidentiality Terms (docx) View
OGC-SC109 Short Form Services Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC109i Short Form Services Agreement - Instructions (docx) View
OGC-SC489 Software Patent License Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC510 Speaker Agreement (docx) View
OTR154 Special Examination Request (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1655 Special Graduate Assistant Registration Tuition Benefits Status Request Form (docx) View
OGC-SC650 Standard Hotel Contract, U as Tenant (docx) View
UM 1566 Statement in Lieu of Receipt (docx) View
OGC-SC703 Statement of Intent to Establish a Consortium Agreement (doc) View
UM 1697 Statement of Work Attachment for Professional Services (docx) View
UM 1733 Stop Payment / Check Copy Request (Electronic, Login Required) View
OGC-SC670 Storage Agreement - Third-Party Storage in 4-H Owned Fairgrounds Building (doc) View
UM 1798 Stored Value (Gift/Reward) Card Request View
UM 1698 Student Academic Complaint (doc) View
OGC-SC903 Student Exchange Program Agreement - 2 Way (docx) View
FA 857 Student Information Release Authorization (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1540 Student Job Review Questionnaire (doc) View
FA 815 Student Loan File Update (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1811 Student Rating of Teaching View
OGC-SC245 Student Release & Waiver - Education Abroad Office Programs (docx) View
OGC-SC246 Student Release & Waiver - Education Abroad Opportunities by Colleges, Department or Faculty (docx) View
OGC-SC276 Student Release & Waiver - Independently Identified Education Abroad Opportunity (docx) View
FA 924 Student Services Fee Assessment Request (Onestop Forms) View
OGC-SC904 Student-Faculty Exchange Program Agreement-2 Way (docx) View
OGC-SC679 Summer Conference Agreement - UMD (docx) View
OGC-SC628 Summer Housing Agreement - External, Morris (docx) View
OGC-SC614 Summer Housing Agreement - External, Twin Cities (docx) View
OGC-SC629 Summer Housing Agreement - Internal, Morris (doc) View
OGC-SC615 Summer Housing Agreement - Internal, Twin Cities (docx) View
UM 1679B Supplier Authorization Form: Changes to an Existing Supplier (docx) View
UM 1679A Supplier Authorization Form: New Supplier (docx) View
UM 1775 Support of Request for Approval to Hire Faculty or P&A Employee Through No Search Process (pdf) View
UM 1865 Taxable Benefit /Expense Reimbursement Reporting Form (xlsx) View
OGC-SC754 Testing Services Agreement (docx) View
OGC-SC6001 The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel - Catering (pdf) View
OGC-SC6000 The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel - Rooms & Catering (pdf) View
OTR 197 Thesis or Dissertation Hold Request (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 29 Transfer Credits Between Graduate and Professional Career Levels (Onestop Forms) View
OTR 28 Transfer Credits from Undergraduate to Graduate Career (Onestop Forms) View
UM 1649 Travel Authorization for Students and Non-Employees (docx) View
UM 1888 Travel Card Application (docx) View
OGC-SC438 Try-Buy License Agreement (docx) View
OTR241 Tuition Refund Appeal (Onestop Forms) View