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University of Minnisota  Administrative Policy

Credit for Nationally Recognized Exams for Undergraduate Students: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester

Responsible University Officer(s):
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
Policy Owner(s):
  • Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
Policy contact(s):
  • Stacey Tidball
Date Revised:
Jan 14, 2021
Effective Date:
May 9, 2011

Policy Statement

Students will be awarded credits based on nationally recognized examinations (Advanced Placement [AP] program, the International Baccalaureate [IB] program, and the College-Level Examination Program [CLEP]) when they meet the minimum standards for the campus awarding the credit.

Any credits awarded for these examinations are applicable to a University of Minnesota degree program or certificate program only after the student has been admitted and enrolled as a degree-seeking student or admitted to the certificate program.

Academic unit authorities on each campus have discretion to establish the minimum standards for awarding credits for nationally recognized examinations. In determining those standards, academic unit authorities evaluate the material in the nationally recognized examination. If the material is judged to be substantially similar to that of an existing course, credit will be awarded for that specific course. If the material is judged to be of college level but not substantially similar to an existing course, the academic unit may assign general departmental credits.

Reason for Policy

To provide the opportunity for enrolled undergraduate students to receive credits for nationally recognized exams when the minimum standards, as determined by academic unit authorities, have been met. This policy implements criteria and requirements for accreditation established by the Higher Learning Commission.




Frequently Asked Questions


Primary Contact(s) Stacey Tidball  612-626-0075
Twin Cities Campus Stacey Tidball 612-626-0075
Crookston Campus Jason Tangquist 218-281-8424
Duluth Campus Carla Boyd 218-726-8795
Morris Campus Marcus Muller 320-589-6011
Rochester Campus Diane Douglas 507-258-8008


Academic unit authority
The academic college, department, or committee responsible for determining the minimum standards required to receive credit for a nationally recognized exam.
Academic department
The unit on campus offering coursework that is the same or substantially similar to the subject area of the nationally recognized exam.
The process by which a student accepts the University’s offer for admission and indicates that the student intends to enroll.
Minimum standard
The minimum exam score a student must earn in order to receive University credit for a nationally recognized exam.
Nationally recognized exam
Exams overseen by an independent organization (e.g., College Board) that determines the national standard for the exams’ content and scores.


Academic unit authority (academic departments on the Twin Cities, Duluth, and Rochester campuses; Scholastic Committee on the Morris campus; Academic Standards and Policy Committee on the Crookston campus)
Evaluate exam content and determine the minimum standards (i.e., exam score) to receive credit for a nationally recognized exam.
Office of Admissions (Twin Cities, Duluth, Crookston, and Rochester); Scholastic Committee in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar, Morris)
Oversee the administrative process for nationally recognized exams.

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January 2021 - Comprehensive Review. A minor change to clarify language in the policy statement. A sentence has been added to a FAQ to address a common question regarding when credits are awarded to a student.
December 2014 - Clarifications related to Higher Learning Commission accreditation requirements.
March 2014 - Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision - Clarifies that an individual must be in a U of M degree program to be awarded these types of credits.
May 2011 - New Policy, Comprehensive Review.  Specifies the authority for awarding credits for nationally-recognized exams. Defines where the credit will be applied (either as equivalent to an existing course, or as general departmental credits.)
Examinations for Credit and Proficiency (Senate Policy)

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