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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Destruction of University Records

Administrative Procedure

Check Eligibility

Consult the University-wide Record Retention Schedule or individual unit retention schedules to see if the information is eligible for destruction.

Contact the University Archives when the records retention schedule signifies that the information should be transferred or offered to them.

If not necessary to retain or archive, determine the appropriate method for disposing of the record.

PLEASE NOTE: Any records or information that are part of pending or current litigation may not be destroyed, regardless of the record retention schedule. Contact the Office of General Counsel if you have questions about the status of a case.

Decide on Type of Disposal

Determine if documents contain private or confidential information. See Appendix: Examples of Public, Private and Confidential Information. The means of disposition depends on whether the information is public or private.

Destroy Information Appropriately

Purchasing has established University-wide contracts with shredding vendors.

Follow University Information Security Standard on Media Sanitization.

Facilities Management will recycle both confidential and non-confidential materials according to the procedure outlined on their website.

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