University of Minnesota  Administrative Policy

Vacation Leave for Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees

Policy Statement

The University provides paid vacation leave to  faculty and academic professional and administrative (P&A) employees who are on twelve-month appointments totaling 67 percent or more. Vacation days may be used as they are accrued and are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the department/responsible administrator or supervisor and the employee.

Employees holding a qualifying twelve-month appointment or multiple appointments totaling 100 percent time accrue 22 days annually on a biweekly basis. Employees in qualifying twelve-month appointments totaling 67 percent up to 100 percent time accrue vacation leave on a pro-rated basis.

Employees may be paid out for unused vacation days up to a maximum of 22 days when the employee terminates University employment, providing the employee:

  • worked 67 to 100 percent time for at least eleven months, and
  • was not terminated for cause.

If the employee does not meet these conditions, the employee’s unused vacation will not accrue and the employee will have no right to payout of any vacation balance. When an employee changes from a vacation-eligible appointment to one that is ineligible for vacation (e.g., 100 percent down to 50 percent time), the accrued vacation balance will be paid out.

Employees and units are required to document use of vacation leave within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS).


Represented faculty should refer to their respective collective bargaining agreements. Excluded from coverage under this policy are (1) civil service and union-represented staff, (2) graduate assistants, and (3) professionals-in-training (except 9540 & 9546).

Reason for Policy

This policy implements Board of Regents Policy: Employee Work-Life and Personal Leaves (PDF). The University provides to eligible faculty and P&A employees vacation leave to support well-being and as an incentive to spend time away from work to foster increased efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing position responsibilities.


Subject Contact Phone Email
General Information or Procedural Assistance
  • Primary: Responsible administrator/supervisor
  • Secondary: Local campus, college, or administrative unit HR administrator
  • Other (as needed): Office of Human Resources specialist or consultant
612-624-UOHR (8647) [email protected]
Document Processing Office of Human Resources Call Center 612-624-UOHR (8647) [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Responsible Officer Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Vice President, Office of Human Resources
  • Senior Director - Total Rewards
  • See Contacts Table above


There are no definitions associated with this policy.


Department/Campus, College, or Administrative Unit
  • Establishes local procedure for managing and documenting use of faculty and P&A employee vacation leave.
  • Maintains for 4 fiscal years of electronic absence reporting records.
  • Arranges vacation leave with reasonable notice following departmental procedures.
  • Submits report of vacation leave prior to being taken or immediately following.
Responsible Administrator/Supervisor
  • Manages and approves requests for vacation leave, as appropriate.
Office of Human Resources and Unit HR Administration
  • Ensures campus, college, or administrative unit compliance with policy and procedures.


August 2021 - Increasing vacation accrual maximum to 27 days.
April 2019 - Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision. 1. Eliminates old terminology. 2. Updates responsibilities and contact information according to the current processes.
June 2010 – Policy revised to expand vacation eligibility for faculty and P&A employees holding multiple appointments. Additional information added to Procedures clarifying both vacation balance and use when an employee moves from a vacation eligible civil service or union-represented position to an academic position.
February 2009 – Policy revised (1) to include language that permits vacation payout under specified circumstances during times of continued University employment, (2) to include automation of accrual and usage of vacation days. Policy is effective March 1, 2009.
July 2008 - Policy revised to allow vacation days to be used as they are accrued.
December 2007 - Policy converted to the new University-wide format for Administrative policies. Edits to clarify policy intent.
February 2007 - Moved to Administrative Policy with edits.
November 1990, September 1992
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