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University of Minnisota  FAQ

Vacation Leave for Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. May vacation days be used during the same pay period in which they are accrued?


  2. What is the total maximum vacation accrual for an eligible faculty member or P&A employee with a qualifying appointment of less than 100 percent?

    Eligible individuals at any qualifying percentage stop accumulating vacation when a balance of 22 days (176.0 hours) is reached.

  3. Is a vacation-eligible faculty or P&A employee permitted to use vacation leave prior to its accrual?

    A small amount of vacation leave not yet available may be used and will be tracked on the system as a negative vacation balance. Should the person leave University employment or move into a position that is ineligible to accrue vacation leave prior to accruing a sufficient number of days to cover the negative balance, the dollar equivalent of the negative vacation balance must be paid to the University.

  4. Given: The employee is on a 100% appointment. (A) If an employee is on a disability leave of 25 percent time, will vacation continue to accrue? (B) If on a disability leave of 45 percent time, will vacation continue to accrue?

    (A) Vacation time is prorated, accruing on the qualifying percentage time worked. (B) Vacation is not accrued because the percentage of time worked falls below the qualifying percentage threshold.

  5. Are there situations in which vacation balances would not be paid out at termination?

    Yes. Vacation balances are not paid to employees who have been employed for less than a full eleven months at 67 to 100 percent time when their University employment terminates or who have been terminated for cause.

  6. An employee served in a civil service or union-represented staff position prior to being hired into a P&A position. The person chooses to resign or is terminated prior to having worked a full eleven months in the P&A position. Would this employee be eligible for the P&A vacation balance payout?

    No. In order to be eligible for a payment of unused vacation leave earned in the P&A position, the employee must have worked eleven months in the P&A position with no break in service.

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