Classifying and Recording Sponsorships for University-Hosted Events/Activities FAQ

  1. We have three levels (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) of sponsorship packages for our event. In looking at the Job Aid for Sponsorship for University-Hosted Events/Activities, the Platinum sponsorship package falls into the Non-Gift Eligible section. Do we direct the Platinum sponsorship payments to the University and the Silver and Gold sponsorship payments to UMF?

    No, all the sponsorship package payments should be directed to the University.

  2. A sponsorship organization contacted me and needs a W-9 form, which W-9 should I send?

    It is important to understand where the funds will be going (University or UMF) prior to sending or completing a W-9 form.  If funds are going to UMF, then the UMF W-9 form should be obtained from UMF.  If funds going to the University, then the University’s W-9 form should be sent.  

  3. What type of events/activities does this policy apply to?

    Planned events/activities can have a variety of names, such as: fundraiser, conference, symposium, programs, etc. This policy applies to all types of planned events/activities, except for Membership or Consortium type arrangements. Membership/Consortium arrangements are classified as External Sales. See definitions section for event/activity definitions.

  4. A sponsorship organization is requesting our bank routing information and/or completion of a form, what should I do?

    For funds going to UMF, forward the request to UMF. For funds going to the University, forward the request to Accounts Receivable Services.

  5. How do I determine the fair market value of a sponsorship package?

    See definition of fair market value.  General internet searches can be helpful.

  6. My sponsor wants me to send them an invoice.  How do I do this?

    The sponsorship form should have enough detailed information on how to submit a payment.  If the payment is going to UMF, the sponsorship form should act as the invoice.  If the payment is directed to the University, invoices should be created through the accounts receivable system (Enterprise Financial System).

  7. An outside entity wants to co-host an event/activity with my unit, does this policy apply?

    Yes, this policy applies for co-hosting entity. This policy applies if the event/activity includes sponsorship packages for other entities.

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