Comprehensive Administrative Policy Review

The University is conducts regular comprehensive review of all administrative policies and procedures. The purpose of these reviews is to determine

  1. if a policy is still needed;
  2. whether the purpose and goal of the policy is being met;
  3. whether changes are needed to improve effectiveness, and
  4. that the appropriate education/training, monitoring and ongoing review of the policy is occurring.

The steps involved in the comprehensive review are outlined in Administrative Procedure: Comprehensive Review of Administrative Policies

To enable the University Policy Program (UPP) to capture key information for all administrative policies, each policy owner or designee will need to complete the Administrative Policy Review Form (UM 1648) and submit this along with their policy revision. In addition policy owners or designees are encouraged to complete the Administrative Policy Communications Plan (UM 1774).

The University Policy Program will contact policy owners when their policies are under review. Please direct all questions to the University Policy Program Director at 612-624-8081.