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Policy Statement

UMR catalogs are in effect for five years from the initial effective term as identified in Coursedog and take effect the first day of classes for the respective major. The catalog followed for a student's major and for liberal education requirements must be the same.

Current students: Students follow the catalog requirements in effect during the semester they matriculate to UMR. Upon the advice of their Success Coach, students may follow a more recent catalog, but never an earlier catalog.

Former students: Students who re-enter UMR after an absence of two or more semesters, excluding summer session, must meet the requirements of the current catalog, or submit a Request for Change of Academic Catalog Year requesting to use degree/major requirements from an earlier catalog, up to five years prior to the term of re-entry. Former students must have attended during the year of the catalog they choose to use.

Transfer students: Transfer students admitted to UMR follow catalog requirements in effect during the semester they matriculate to UMR.

Students returning to UMR after an absence should contact UMR One Stop Student Services to determine which catalog will best fit their graduation plans.

Reason for Policy

To identify how and when a student can declare a different catalog than the catalog in effect when they matriculated to UMR.


Policy Contacts
Primary Contact(s)Parry Telander, Registrar507-258-8023[email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Rochester Registrar
  • Parry Telander
    Rochester Registrar


  1. Current students meet with their Success Coach to discuss if declaring a different catalog would be a better option.
    1. The Success Coach works with the student to evaluate whether a change is beneficial for the student; if the change is beneficial to the student, then move to #2.
  2. Student completes and signs a Request for Change of Academic Catalog Year form.
  3. Success Coach signs/approves the Request for Change of Academic Catalog Year form and submits it to One Stop.
  4. One Stop changes the catalog year for the student in PS and APAS; emails the student and Success Coach when completed.

Other Information


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know which catalog I fall under?

    Students can find their catalog of record on the top of their APAS report.

  2. How do I change the catalog I’m using to meet degree/major requirements?

    Complete and submit a Request for Change of Academic Catalog Year form.



An official document of current policies, degree/major requirements and course descriptions are contained.


Notification from a student they wish to move to a different catalog (via completing the required form).


The process by which a student accepts the University’s offer for admission and indicates that the student intends to enroll.

Success Coach

Individuals who are primary academic advisors for all degree-seeking students on the Rochester campus.


Success Coaches

  • Success Coaches work with students to determine which catalog is most advantages for the student to meet major/degree requirements as timely as possible.


  • Work with Success Coaches to determine what catalog might be most beneficial for them.
  • Complete and submit a Request for Change of Academic Catalog year form to One Stop.

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October 2018