Leave of Absence and Readmission for Undergraduates: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester

Responsible University Officer: Executive Vice President and Provost
Policy Owner: Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
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Undergraduates are expected to maintain continuous registration from the time they matriculate until they graduate. Students who will not maintain continuous registration for any reason should consult with an adviser about whether to request a leave of absence because there may be financial aid or re-admission implications if a student leaves without a leave of absence.

  1. Students in good academic standing will ordinarily be granted a leave of absence upon request. The term of the leave must be specified and may not exceed two years. (Study abroad may or may not require a leave of absence.)
  2. All colleges will have a process for implementing this policy.
  3. Students who follow the college process and whose leave is approved in accordance with this policy need not apply for re-admission when they return, and students may return before the expiration of the leave. Whether the student returns early or at the expiration of the leave, colleges may condition the timing of re-admission to a program on availability of space. Re-admission may be denied based on crimes or other serious misconduct occurring during the leave that would have been grounds for suspension or expulsion had the student engaged in the conduct while enrolled (see Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code.)
  4. Undergraduates who fail to register for a semester (excluding summer) (Twin Cities and Rochester) or two semesters (Morris) and who have not been granted a leave of absence or whose leave of absence has expired will be placed on "inactive" status. Students who are placed on Inactive status must obtain permission to be re-admitted to a program. Students in good academic standing at the time they became Inactive normally should be allowed to return to Active status. Students on Inactive status must contact their college office for approval to regain Active status before registering for another term.
  5. At the time of matriculation, students should be informed about both the consequences of Inactive status and the University's policy, including whether re-admission after a period of Inactive status is dependent on availability of space in the program.
  6. A student who has left the University without a leave of absence for more than two consecutive semesters (not including summer session) may be held to new program requirements upon his or her return. A student returning after one year or less will be allowed to follow the program requirements.

This policy is not applicable to the Duluth campus.


Periodically students must interrupt their enrollment for a variety of reasons. Allowing students to take a “leave of absence” provides students the opportunity to return to the University under the rules and policies in effect when they left. It also allows the University the opportunity to counsel students about the required actions to return upon the end of the leave. This policy implements criteria and requirements for accreditation established by the Higher Learning Commission.






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Inactive status
Undergraduates who have not been granted a formal “leave of absence” or who do not register for one semester (excluding summer session) will be placed on “inactive” status. A student who is no longer active in his or her program is in inactive status.
Leave of absence
Refers to a process by which students request official permission to leave the University for a set duration of time.
Students who have been admitted to the University, choose to attend the University and enroll in courses; students who may begin taking courses towards a degree.
The process of reapplication to the University for admission. Readmission is required following a break in enrollment without an approved leave of absence, as well as after failure to return by the term immediately following an approved leave of absence (excluding summer).


Inform students of space limitations on re-admission/returning from leave.
  • Complete a leave of absence form when planning a leave of absence
  • Talk with college student services staff before planning the leave of absence



January 2011 - Policy title updated to reflect that Policy applies to Undergraduate students.
December 2009 - Policy now applies to Crookston.
April 2009
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January 2011
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April 2009