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Human Use of Ionizing Radiation

The Human Use Subcommittee (HUS) of the All-University Radiation Protection Committee (AURPC) reviews all applications involving the research use of radioactive materials and/or ionizing radiation producing devices in protocols involving human subjects. These HUS applications are reviewed for compliance with NRC, MDH (also here) and/or FDA ionizing radiation regulations. The HUS meets once a month if there is business to be conducted, and reports the results of application reviews to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the applicant. Contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety for details on the next scheduled committee meeting.

Human Use Application and Review Procedures

Application for research use of ionizing radiation in human subjects

  • Obtain and complete the Human Use Application for use of ionizing radiation in human subjects.
  • Submit the application and required supporting documentation to the University Radiation Protection Officer (RPO). Required supporting documentation includes: consent forms including radiation risks section worded in accordance with HUS instructions, copy of IRB application, summary of research protocol.

Human Use Subcommittee review and IRB approval

  • Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to the RPO at least one week before the monthly HUS meeting:

    Environmental Health and Safety
    University of Minnesota
    Del Code 1171
    W-140 Boynton Health Service
    410 Church Street SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    ATTN: Radiation Protection Officer
    (via email to

  • RPO will distribute application to HUS members one week before monthly HUS meeting at which HUS members will review and determine approval status of applications
  • Applicant and IRB will be informed of approval status by RPO following HUS meeting

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