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Governing Policy


Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

If you simply create a contract by using EFS, this process is not necessary.

The numbers refer to FAQs in the Entering Into Contracts Policy.

Note: All real estate Contracts, including for use of space, must be sent to the Real Estate Office.

  1. If the transaction is an external sale, contact the Office of External Sales.
  2. If the transaction involves a lease or use of University space or use of the other party's space, contact the Real Estate Office.
  3. If the transaction involves sponsored research, contact the Office of Sponsored Research Administration.
  4. If the transaction involves licensing or transferring University patents or confidential information, contact Technology Commercialization.
  5. If the transaction is not an external sale real estate, research, or technology commercialization matter, check the Standard Contracts Library to see if there is a pre-approved form you can use. If the other party wants to use their form, inform them that the University form must be used in all but extraordinary circumstances. See FAQ # 7.
  6. If the transaction is a purchase or license, and there is no standard form:
    1. (1) Determine if the contract is exempt from OGC review (See FAQ #5.)
    2. (2) If the contract is not exempt, see if there is a U-Wide Contract.
    3. (3) If there isn't a U-Wide contract, have the contract reviewed by the necessary reviewers outside the OGC, if any. (See FAQ #4.)
    4. (4) Review contract for "red-flag" issues (See FAQ #6.)
Contract Process Flowchart - see below for details.