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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Responding to Nepotism and Personal Relationships

Administrative Procedure

When an administrator or supervisor learns of a possible personal relationship involving one or more employees in the unit, the administrator or supervisor must either contact EOAA or consult as follows:

  1. Discuss the employment or academic relationship and the related prohibited activities. In most circumstances, consult with each individual in the relationship, either separately or together.
  2. Discuss and determine the appropriate steps to take to eliminate and avoid prohibited activities. The actions must not unreasonably disadvantage either University member. If eliminating the prohibited activities would unreasonably disadvantage one or both members, contact EOAA. Schedule periodic review of the situation.
  3. When a power disparity exists in the employment or academic association of the individuals in the personal relationship, protect the employment or academic interests of the subordinate.
  4. Discuss privacy concerns and appropriate confidentiality, including whether it is necessary to inform anyone else of any changes made to the employment or academic relationship.
  5. Contact EOAA before implementation to discuss all aspects of the consultation. Discuss the situation with EOAA without revealing the specific identities of the individuals in the relationship.
  6. All consultations should be documented with the:
    • information received from the individuals,
    • prohibited activities and potential conflicts which were discussed,
    • steps taken to avoid and eliminate the prohibited activities,
    • method and frequency with which the action will be reviewed,
    • any necessary and appropriate disclosures which were made to other administrators.
  7. Keep all documentation secure and separate from any official file on the individuals involved in the relationship. Forward the documentation to EOAA for proper retention.

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