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Reporting and Managing a Workers’ Compensation Claim


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Reporting a Workers’ Compensation Injury

Employee Responsibilities

  • As soon as reasonably possible -
    • Notify your Supervisor. Your Supervisor will assess the situation, assist with arranging proper medical care and begin the injury reporting process.
  • Promptly cooperate with your Supervisor and the Claims Administrator in the completion of all relevant documents.

Supervisor Responsibilities – Upon First Knowledge of Injury or Illness

Referring the Employee for Medical Care

Under Minnesota law, an injured Employee has the right to select their own treating physician. At times, the Employee may be required to see a provider selected by the University. Employees who experience an aggravation or re-injury of a previous work-related injury must be directed for medical treatment.

Express Scripts administers the Prescription Drug Program for the University of Minnesota's Workers’ Compensation program. The Prescription Drug Program eliminates co-pays and out of pocket expenses for medications prescribed for an accepted Workers’ Compensation claims.

Forward all medical bills to the Claims Administrator for payment.

Returning the Employee to Work

The Medical Provider must complete a Report of Workability(1) and provide it to the Employee and Claims Administrator. The Report of Workability will indicate when the Employee can return to work and whether job modifications are required to accommodate physical restrictions. The Employee must provide a copy of the Report of Workability to the Supervisor.

Employees without restrictions can return to their usual work duties.

If the Medical Provider imposes work restrictions, the Supervisor and Claims Administrator will review the job modifications that are required to comply with the restrictions. Every effort will be made to accommodate the employee's restrictions.

If work restrictions cannot be accommodated by the Supervisor in the Employee’s home department, the University Disability Resource Center Office (URETURN) will assign an Access Consultant to review the work restrictions and find suitable modified work elsewhere within the University for the Injured Employee to do while on restrictions.

If work is available within the restrictions, the Employee will return to suitably modified work. (1)Medical Providers will have their own versions of the Report of Workability.