University of Minnesota  Administrative Policy

Reporting Workers' Compensation Related Injuries

Policy Statement

In accordance with the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation statute, the University provides for the payment of medical expenses and wage loss benefits to eligible employees who experience a compensable work-related injury or illness.

Employees must report work-related injuries/illnesses as soon as reasonably possible to their supervisor. Upon first knowledge of injury or illness, supervisors must submit the First Report of Injury within 8 business hours (1 work day).

The State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry levies fines to the University for the late reporting of a First Report of Injury. Departments responsible for the late reporting will be charged any fines issued by the MN Department of Labor and Industry.

Reason for Policy

The University is committed to making the workplace a safe and healthy environment, to preventing work-related accidents, and to the treatment, care and return to work of employees injured on the job.

The University is required by Minnesota Workers’ Compensation statute to pay for  medical expenses and wage loss benefits to employees who sustain an injury or illness arising out of and in the course and scope of their employment. This policy provides information to employees and supervisors about the requirements and responsibilities relating to the reporting of work-related injuries.


TC-OtherSteven Pardoe612-625-0062[email protected]
CrookstonKelsey Grunewald218-281-8346[email protected]
DuluthLindsey Klegstad218-726-6877[email protected]
MorrisMary Zosel320-589-6022[email protected]
RochesterVirginia Wright-Peterson507-280-8009[email protected]
Health and Safety
Laura Lott218-726-6917[email protected]
Disability Resources
Access Consultants612-626-1333[email protected]
System-WideWorkers’ Compensation Claims Administrator Sedgwick Claims Management Services PO Box 46999 Eden Prairie, MN 553441-800-231-0165FAX: 952-826-3785 [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Responsible Officer Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Associate Vice President and Controller
  • Director of Risk Management and Insurance
  • Steven Pardoe
    Director of Risk Management and Insurance


Claims Administrator

An external party hired by the University to provide services associated with the investigation and compensability of Workers’ Compensation claims.

Eligible Employee

While Minnesota Statue 176.011 and applicable Minnesota case law ultimately frame this determination, "Eligible Employee" generally includes all full-time, part-time, or temporary employees in the Faculty, Academic Professional and Administrative, Civil Service and Union Represented Staff Employee Groups, and student employees. Generally excluded are visiting professors, consultants, volunteers, independent contractors, temporary agency employees, and students who are not employed by the University. Specific eligibility questions are resolved on a case by case basis by the Claims Administrator.

Work-Related Injury or Disease

Any injury or illness that arises out of and in the course and scope of employment for which compensation is payable under Minnesota Workers’ Compensation statute.


Claims Administrator

The Claims Administrator is responsible for investigating and determining claim compensability, working with medical providers to ensure that employees receive high-quality, timely medical care and paying all approved medical bills and employee compensation that is due.


As soon as reasonably possible, notify the supervisor that an injury occurred. Work with the supervisor and the Claims Administrator in the completion of all relevant documents.


Immediately assess the incident and assist the employee in seeking appropriate medical care or necessary treatment for any work-related injury. Report the work-related injury, accident or illness immediately in order to comply with State reporting requirements and avoid late reporting penalties. Provide employee with Temporary Prescription Drug ID Card. If penalties arise from late reporting, provide a departmental account number to charge.



June 2022 - Comprehensive Review, Minor Revisions. Updates to contacts section. Clarified definition of eligible employee.


April 2018 - Comprehensive Review, Minor Revisions. Minor language changes to reflect current Minnesota reporting guidelines. Updates to Contacts section. The language changes are based on guidance from the University's outside legal counsel and in accordance with MN Workers Compensation statutes and court decisions.


December 2013 - Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision. Clarifies areas within the policy by making the language consistent through the policy and eliminating unnecessary references.


August 2010 - Added online version of First Report of Injury to Forms section.


August 2009 - Updated Contacts Section


May 2009 - Updated Supervisor responsibilities to add providing employee with Prescription Drug Information. Added Prescription Drug Information to appendices.


March 2009 - Clarified language in Statement and Reason. Combined Procedures: Reporting and Managing an Injury and Referring an Employee for Medical Care into one procedure. Removed unnecessary forms from forms section. Moved Minnesota Workers Compensation Information Sheet from Forms to Appendices. Added new appendix: Designated medical providers which replaces information currently shown in the contacts section. Definitions and Responsibilities sections updated. FAQ updated. Removed outdated information from Related Information.


July 2008 - Workers Compensation Department no longer maintains centralized filing system for all work injuries and illness. Procedures and Responsibilities updated to reflect this. Primary contact and other contacts updated.


August 2003 - Updated contacts section and procedures to reflect phone and fax number changes within the Workers Compensation Department.


July 2002 - Updated contacts section.


October 2001 - Updated contacts and responsibilities sections. Updated policy and both procedures to clarify that employees may choose to receive treatment from a doctor of their choice. Added the Minnesota Workers' Compensation System Employee Information Sheet to the forms section.


December 2000 - Updated contacts section to reflect change of designated clinic for the Twin Cities campus from Healthworks to the Minnesota Occupational Health Clinic.


June 2000 - Updated Contacts Section and minor corrections on Workability and Supervisor Incident Report Forms. Procedure responsible offices changed from University Workers' Compensation Administration to Office of Risk Management and Insurance.


May 2000 - Changed the responsibility from the University's Workers' Compensation Department to the supervisors and managers for directly reporting injuries to the claims administrator. Clarified the choice of medical provider and increases the choices of designated clinics. Revised and added new forms.


January 1999


1/1/99 Memo from Terry Teachout, Workers Compensation Director Re: Workers Compensation Policy and Procedures Revision 1999