Faculty Tenure: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester

Responsible Officer
Rachel Croson
Executive Vice President and Provost
Rachel Croson
Executive Vice President and Provost
Primary Contact
Rebecca Ropers
Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Ole Gram
Last Revised
Effective Date

Policy Statement

Board of Regent's Policy: Faculty Tenure covers tenure, promotion, and the hiring of tenure-track and tenured faculty. This policy includes policy language as well as broad procedures. The attached document, Procedures for Reviewing Candidates for Tenure and/or Promotion: Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty, provides more details and explanations related to the University's tenure regulations.

Reason for Policy

To implement Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Tenure


Primary Contact(s) Rebecca Ropers
Ole Gram
[email protected]
[email protected]


Includes: (1) probationary faculty members eligible for indefinite tenure and promotion to the next rank; (2) probationary faculty members eligible to receive tenure in rank; and (3) faculty members with tenure eligible for promotion in rank.
Tenured faculty members
Those who have been granted indefinite tenure after the successful completion of a probationary period or who were hired from outside the University of Minnesota with indefinite tenure.
The academic unit that makes the initial recommendation on tenure and promotion. That may be a department, a college (in colleges not subdivided into departments), or a division (on a system campus).
"Teaching,” “research,” and “service”
Defined in Faculty Tenure, subsection 7.11, as approved by the Board of Regents in June 2007 and again in June 2011. Previous definitions of these terms will apply if the faculty member elects to be governed by an earlier version of the tenure policy. See section II.A (1) of these procedures.
Senior academic administrator
Refers to individuals at the level of dean, chancellor, and above, including the Executive vice president and provost.
Executive vice president and provost
Refers to the chief academic officer of the university.
Continuation year
Refers to the next contract year of a faculty member (i.e., an academic year or twelve months) following the grant to that faculty member of an extension of the probationary period under subsection 5.5 of Faculty Tenure. See section II.E (3) of these Procedures.
Memorandum of understanding (MOU)
In these Procedures refers to a signed, written agreement between two or more parties (e.g. the candidate, a unit head, and a dean).



February 1, 2012
October 15, 2007

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