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Applying For and Using a Regents Scholarship


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Applying for a Regents Scholarship

Eligible employees interested in applying for a Regents Scholarship must complete form UM 1454: Request for Regents Scholarship (PDF) and submit it to their responsible administrator/supervisor for review and approval. Civil service or union-represented employees who are on the layoff list must submit the form UM 1454: Request for Regents Scholarship to the layoff coordinator for review and approval.

Approval of a Regents Scholarship

The responsible administrator/supervisor and the department head approve requests for Regents Scholarships after considering the business needs of the department. Requests to take courses that meet during work hours may be restricted in accordance with business needs, and with relevant rules and contract language. For employees on the layoff list, the layoff coordinator must approve requests.

Authorization to Attend During Regularly Scheduled Work Hours

Authorization to take a course under the Regents Scholarship Program during work hours is at the discretion of the responsible administrator/supervisor. The responsible administrator/supervisor may grant approval for time away from work, but may require that some or all of the time be made up in accord with relevant rules and contract language.

When and How to Register

See the Class Schedule or the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) Catalog, "When and How to Register" for dates and registration hours for each term. Rules and procedures are included in these documents. All registrations must be accompanied by the completed and approved form UM 1454: Request for Regents Scholarship.

Submission of Completed Application

Bring or email completed application to One Stop Student Services on the campus where the course is located. See the registration area of the policy contacts section for more information.

Billing and Payment Information

The employee portion of tuition costs and any cost not designated as tuition (e.g., computer course, course fees, and late fees) will be billed to the employee's student receivable account and must be paid by the billing due date.

Employees who register for classes as a non-degree seeking student must submit the form UM 1454: Request for Regents Scholarship in time to have it processed prior to the billing due date for the term. If the form is submitted after this date, the employee is responsible for any late/installment rebilling fees assessed. All remaining charges not covered by the Regents Scholarship Program, including any employee portion of tuition, must be paid by the billing due date.