Granting In-Range Salary Adjustments for Civil Service Employees

  1. Responsible administrators/ supervisors consult with their unit-campus human resource administrator and/or their central Human Resources Consultant regarding a documented need for an in-range salary adjustment. This contact is to be made regardless of which type and criteria of in-range adjustment is being considered.
  2. Documentation to accompany request should include the following information in writing:
    • Names, classifications (job codes), length of service in the unit and salaries of all affected employees. Affected employees include all employees in the same or similar classification with similar responsibilities within the department or, if applicable, within a larger unit.
    • Documentation of the completed analysis and a rationale for the recommendation. Include market or other relevant data if available.
    • Availability of recurring funding for the proposed salary adjustments.
  3. Each college, administrative, or campus unit may have in place more detailed procedures which are to be followed. Unit-campus human resources administrators should be consulted for clarification of procedure.
  4. Chancellor, Provost, Vice President, or Dean, as appropriate, approves or denies the recommended in-range salary adjustment requested.
  5. The unit enters the appropriate salary change into the Human Resource Management System.

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