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Paid and Unpaid Leaves of Absence for Graduate Assistants


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Type of Leave Applies to Specifics
Bereavement Leave Graduate assistants At the discretion of the department, up to three workdays paid bereavement leave provided upon the death of an immediate family member. Leave granted for purposes of (1) attending the funeral services, ceremonies, and/or interment; (2) making necessary arrangement; (3) travel related to the death; and (4) bereavement time. Responsible administrators/supervisors are encouraged to make special arrangements to accommodate granting of this leave.
FMLA Graduate assistants Generally do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements for FMLA. If FMLA requirements are met, GAs may be eligible for up to twelve week’s absence during a fiscal year for reasons of: § The employee’s own serious health condition § The serious health condition of an employee’s immediate family member; or § Caring for a newborn or newly-placed adopted child or foster child. Refer to Administrative Policy: Family & Medical –FMLA Leave.
Court Appearance or Jury Duty Graduate assistants Entitled to paid leave for jury duty. A copy of the court notice is to be provided to the responsible administrator/supervisor. If released early from jury duty by the court administrator, the GA is to return to work. Refer to Administrative Policy: Military, Court, and Civic Duty Leaves.
Military Leave Graduate assistants Entitled to fifteen days leave in a calendar year for active military duty; such leave falling within a paid appointment period will be with pay. Verification of notice to report for duty (including dates of leave) is to be provided to the responsible administrator/supervisor. Refer to Administrative Policy: Military, Court, and Civic Duty Leaves.
Parental Leave Graduate assistants May be eligible for paid and/or unpaid parental leave. Refer to the Administrative Policies: Parental Leave for Academic Employees and Family & Medical – FMLA Leave.
Sick Leave Graduate assistants (non-hourly appointment) Up to 10 working days of paid sick leave are provided for occasional or serious illness or injury to the employee, their dependent child, or the dependent child of a registered same-sex domestic partner at the percentage of their appointment for each appointment year. Healthcare provider’s certification may be requested by the responsible administrator/supervisor verifying inability to work.
Graduate assistants on an hourly pay appointment Sick leave is unpaid except in the following circumstances: (1) work hours are fixed on a weekly basis, and the sick day falls on the day of the week normally scheduled for work; OR (2) the work schedule is variable with sick pay prorated for the work week.
Vacation Leave Graduate assistants Not eligible for paid vacation leave.
Voting Leave Graduate assistants Graduate assistants are eligible for a paid leave of absence to vote in any state-wide general election or state-wide primary election, or in any election to fill a vacancy in the office of a United States senator or representative during the morning of the election day. Paid leaves to vote will cover only those hours the employee is regularly scheduled to work and will be reasonable in relation to voting site location and distance. Refer to the Administrative Policy: Military, Court, and Civic Duty Leaves.
Graduate assistants who are work-study students Unpaid leave of absence to vote in elections is allowed as described above (federal and state Work-Study regulations do not permit payment for hours not actually worked).