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Conferring the Title of Faculty Emeritus


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Conferring the Title of Emeritus

The title of emeritus (or other declensions of “emerit*” such as “emerita” at the faculty member’s discretion) is granted to a faculty member upon retirement from the University under honorable circumstances as specified in Sections I, III, and IV of Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Emeriti (PDF), It may also be granted by Board of Regents (Board) on recommendation of the president, under special circumstances when the faculty member does not meet the eligibility requirements of faculty emeritus/emerita as described in Section III, Subd. 2 of the Board policy. Each college/campus is to issue a letter of formal notification conferring the title of emeritus/emerita to eligible retiring faculty members within one month of their retirement.

Granting a Promotion

Under special circumstances and on recommendation of the president, a promotion may be made within the emeritus/emerita rank. Formal notice is to be given to the retired faculty member when such a promotion is granted.

Documenting Justification and Obtaining Approval for Special Circumstances-Conferral of Title and Promotion

In the case of special circumstance recommendations, the recommendation must be initiated at the departmental level and incorporate the following: (a) a statement justifying the action proposed and other appropriate documentation such as letters of support providing the justification for the action proposed, (b) approval by a 2/3 majority of the tenured faculty in the unit, and (c) approval of the department head/chair, as well as the dean of the college. Once approved, the request with justification and supporting documentation is submitted to the president for recommendation to the Board.


The department is expected to maintain a list of all retired faculty members holding the emeritus/emerita title.

Withholding or Withdrawing Emeritus/Emerita Title

  • The president receives a recommendation with evidence to either withhold or withdraw the emeritus/emerita title based on the particular circumstances.
  • If the president, upon review of the recommendation, is considering withholding or withdrawing the title, the president provides to the faculty or retired member notice and an opportunity to be heard in accordance with Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Emeriti, Section III, Subd. 2(b).
  • Following the faculty member's or retired faculty member’s opportunity to be heard, the president makes a decision with regard to withholding or withdrawing the emeritus/emerita title.
  • The president may consult with appropriate faculty governance bodies or individuals to inform the decision.
  • The president provides a written report to the faculty member explaining the decision.
  • Should the emeritus title be withheld or withdrawn, the services and privileges accorded that title, beyond retired status, will not be provided.