University of Minnesota  Administrative Policy

Emeriti Title for Retired Faculty

Policy Statement

The title of emeritus (or other declensions of the “emerit*” stem such as “emerita”, or “emerit” at the faculty member’s discretion) is conferred on eligible tenured faculty members in accordance with the terms of Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Emeriti. The title of emeritus is at the faculty member’s rank at the time of retirement. The title does not confer any employment status, rights, or associated entitlements. The title of emeritus is not conferred upon faculty who leave the University for full time employment in a tenured position at another institution. Under special circumstances, and with the required recommendations and approval, a faculty member may be:

  • awarded the title of emeritus although not meeting the eligibility criteria; or
  • granted a promotion within the emeritus rank.

University Services and Privileges

Faculty members who are granted emeritus status are entitled to the following services and privileges provided to regular faculty:

  1. University email account and Eduroam;
  2. Library privileges;
  3. Listing on department or college websites or in directories;
  4. Faculty discounts for personal computer hardware and software, recreation facilities, athletic events, and other performances and exhibitions;
  5. Continued parking privileges at employee rates-subject to space limitations when the next best alternative space should be offered;
  6. Access to health and dental insurance coverage at the faculty member's own expense according to University retiree policy;
  7. Participation in academic processions (graduations, convocations and the like) in a position of honor; and
  8. The right to represent the University at academic ceremonies of other institutions upon appointment by the president.

Academic Unit Services and Privileges

Academic unit administrators may provide active emeriti faculty members the following services, privileges, and facilities as are warranted by the nature of the continuing relationship with the University, subject to cost and availability and not to exceed those provided to regular faculty:

  1. Office space;
  2. Access to laboratories, computer, unit Active Directory, VPN, licensed software, or comparable facilities requisite to the continued engagement in scholarly work or mutually-agreed-upon task whether on a contractual or volunteer basis;
  3. Access to mail and other routine office services; and
  4. The right to submit proposals for sponsored research and to advise graduate students or postdoctoral research associates, subject to University rules and policies.

Continued Relationship with The University

An academic department, service, or other administrative unit may enter into a volunteer or contractual agreement with a faculty member emeritus to provide services subject to terms of the contract and applicable laws and rules as referenced in Section VI of Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Emeriti.

Withholding or Withdrawing the Emeritus Title

The president, following notice to the faculty member and an opportunity to be heard on the issue, may withhold or withdraw the emeritus title in circumstances: (1) where a faculty member has retired during suspension or termination proceedings initiated under Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Tenure or (2) where evidence presented to the president demonstrates that the faculty member has engaged in conduct that violates the standards of Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Tenure.

Informal Dispute Resolution

If a faculty member emeritus has a complaint arising under Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Emeriti and this administrative policy and procedures, it will be resolved by an informal process. The faculty member emeritus can request review by the administrative level above that of the administrator who caused the complaint (e.g., at the college/campus level when the dispute concerns a decision by a department chair/head). Requests for reviews are to be made in a timely manner. The president's decision to withhold or withdraw the emeritus status from a faculty member, following notice and an opportunity to be heard, is not subject to further review.

Reason for Policy

This policy implements Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Emeriti (PDF). The University of Minnesota Board of Regents has established the title of "emeritus," or other declensions of the “emerit-” stem such as “emerita,” to be awarded to eligible tenured faculty members in recognition of years of valued service and contributions to the University and to encourage and maximize the inclusion of these retired faculty members as active participants in the life of the University community to the extent they are willing and able.




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a retired faculty member obtain additional IT services in addition to those listed under University Services and Privileges?

    Use or purchase of University managed computers, Active Directory servers, VPN, and use of University licensed software packages such as Zoom or Microsoft Office are not included as part of the University services and privileges. Academic units may provide emeriti access to additional IT services subject to cost.


Primary Contact(s)Ole Gram612-624-5082[email protected]
General Information or Procedural Assistance
  • Primary: Responsible administrator/supervisor
  • Secondary: Local campus, college, or administrative unit HR administrator
  • Other (as needed): Office of Human Resources specialist or consultant
612-624-UOHR (8647); 800-756-2363[email protected]
Office for Conflict ResolutionEric Schnell, Office for Conflict Resolution [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Responsible Officer Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Ole Gram


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College or Campus Department

  • Notifies the retiring eligible faculty member of the granting of the title of emeritus and the services and privileges that accompany the title or may be made available otherwise.
  • Under special circumstances, initiates a recommendation to (1) award the title of emeritus to an otherwise ineligible faculty member or (2) to support promotion within the emeritus rank.
  • Maintains a record of all faculty members currently holding the title of the emeritus.
  • Subject to cost, availability, and approval at the collegiate level, may provide a faculty emeritus with services, privileges, and facilities, not to exceed those provided to regular faculty.


  • Chooses to support or not special-circumstance recommendations initiated at the college/department level.
  • Informs the retiring or retired faculty member of the consideration to withhold or withdraw title.
  • Decides to withhold or withdraw the emeritus title.

Board of Regents

  • Approves special circumstance recommendations from the President.

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July 2022 - Comprehensive Review.

  1. Clarify that the president must consult with unit faculty in cases in which the president considers withholding or withdrawing the emeritus title;
  2. Clarify minimum privileges associated with emeritus status and associated University benefits;
  3. Clarify unit and collegiate roles and responsibilities;
  4. Clarify that emeritus status is not conferred upon leaving the University for a similar full time position elsewhere;
  5. Minor edits: Outdated language, corrections, gendered language.


July 2012 - Expanded the policy language and accompanying procedures to include a provision to withhold or withdraw the emeritus/emerita title. General editing and formatting changes made. Administrative Policy title changed from Holding the Title of Faculty Emeriti to Emeritus/Emerita Title for Retired Faculty.


July 2008 - Policy converted to the new University-wide format for administrative policies. Administrative procedures approved by the University Senate and Administration in 2000 were subsumed into this policy.


July 2000 - Administrative procedures amended to accompany Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Emeriti amended July 14, 2000.


January 1969 - Administrative procedures were created to accompany Board of Regents Policy: Emeritus Title for Faculty.


January 1969