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Conducting a Background Check or Verification


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

  1. While all new hires into non-student positions undergo a background check, the unit monitors and identifies when current employees or individuals in other positions must undergo background checks, including:
    • Prior to working in programs with minors and every three years thereafter;
    • Prior to a transfer or reassignment to a non-student position, especially where new responsibilities may require additional checks;
    • Prior to beginning work on an assignment where background checks are legally or contractually required or can be justified by a legitimate business need.
  2. The unit should talk to the appropriate central recruiter in OHR or UMD, if needed, to determine what type of background check is necessary and if credentials verification will be required. See Appendix: Types of Background Checks.
  3. The unit notifies the individual that any hire, work with minors, transfer, reassignment, or work assignment is contingent on satisfactory results of a background check before the individual is to begin employment. This contingency needs to be reflected in the offer letter. Any falsification of information may be cause for human resource action.
  4. The unit provides the Summary of Rights to the applicant, ensuring the applicant understands their rights. See: Summary of Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (PDF). Prior to submitting the background check request, the unit should consult with the applicant to determine if an international criminal check is needed, per the policy.
  5. Unit enters the background check request into the vendor system.
  6. The applicant completes the background check information online through an email sent to the applicant. Units are responsible for reminding applicants to complete this information, as this email expires after 5 days.
  7. The unit will notify the hiring authority that the background check and credentials verification have been completed.
  8. For background checks that require review, OHR determines a final outcome, with consultation or a decision from OGC where needed, and informs the unit. Units continue to proceed with the appropriate next steps.
  9. The hiring authority communicates with the individual regarding whether the background check and credentials verification results were satisfactory. If the results were not satisfactory, the vendor (HireRight) or the hiring authority (for other approved vendors) provides the individual with a pre-adverse action letter outlining contact information regarding the adverse impact process.
  10. The unit will review the billing invoice, when received, for accuracy and submit payment within 30 days to the University designated background check vendor as instructed on the invoice. Any questions are directed to the vendor’s client representative assigned to the University.