Conducting a Background Check or Verification

  1. While all new hires into non-student positions undergo a background check, the unit identifies when current employees and other individuals must undergo background checks:
    1. Prior to working in programs with minors and every three years thereafter;
    2. Prior to a transfer or reassignment to a non-student position;
    3. Prior to beginning work on an assignment where background checks are legally or contractually required or can be justified by a legitimate business need.

    Managers should talk to their unit employment representative in OHR, AHC, or UMD as appropriate, to determine what type of background check is necessary and if credentials verification will be required.

  2. The manager notifies the individual that any hire, work with minors, transfer, reassignment, or work assignment is contingent on satisfactory results of a background check. This contingency needs to be reflected in the offer letter. Any falsification of information may be cause for human resource action.
  3. The unit provides the individual with the summary of rights and completes and faxes or emails the Background Check Request Form to:

    Office of Human Resources Job Center 
    545 West Bank Office Building 
    1300 S 2nd Street 
    Minneapolis, MN 55454 
    Fax: 612-626-7911 

    UMD Human Resources and Equal Opportunity 
    255 DADB, 1049 University Drive 
    Duluth, MN 55812 
    Fax: 218-726-7505.

    AHC Human Resources 
    Room 549 Boynton Health Service 
    420 Church Street SE 
    Minneapolis, MN 55455 
    Fax: 612-625-5161

  4. The individual completes the background check information online as instructed by OHR. In situations where the individual has an address outside the United States, the online process cannot be used. In those international address situations, the manager provides the individual with the following forms and document: background check consent and disclosure forms, and the summary of rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The manager directs the individual to return the completed forms to the Job Center, AHC, or UMD-HR department as appropriate, for processing. If the individual wishes to enter personal information into the system, make sure this action is indicated on the consent form.

    The request form must be faxed or mailed to the Job Center, AHC, or UMD-HR for processing.

  5. OHR will notify the manager that the background check and credentials verification, where requested, has been completed. (Note that the background verification vendor will typically report the results of the background check to the Office of Human Resources email account within 2-3 business days.)
  6. OHR will advise whether or not to proceed with the planned action (hire, assignment, work with minors, reassignment, or transfer) and options available to the unit.
  7. The manager communicates with the individual regarding whether the background check and credentials verification results were satisfactory. If the results were not satisfactory, the manager provides the individual with a letter outlining contact information regarding the appeal process.
  8. The unit will review the billing invoice, when received, for accuracy and submit payment within 30 days to the University designated background check vendor as instructed on the invoice.

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