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P&A Employee Summary Chart - Authorities/Responsibilities and Degree/Experience Descriptors


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Appointment Subgroup Typical Authorities/Responsibilities Degree and Experience
Academic Professional Appointments
  • Parallel disciplinary faculty in having the requisite preparation and specialized knowledge of theory and literature pertinent to an academic discipline or field, as well as relevant research methodologies 
  • Have expertise and experience or disciplinary practice analogous to the faculty
  • Exercise independent professional judgment
  • Engaged in teaching, research, service, and in a wide variety of other professional functions of the University
  • Baccalaureate (required)
  • Advanced degree (usually)
  • State licensure (if required by the position, such as for physicians, dentists, or psychologists.)
  • Demonstrated skills and experience in administration or practice in the field after obtaining the degree
Academic Administrative Appointments
  • Involved in policy development and execution, and in directing, coordinating, or supervising activities of the University
  • Have a span of control and influence (often responsible for developing and modifying programs or policies impacting across many units system-wide
  • Have a high level of decision making authority (exercise discretion and independent judgment in matters of significance);
  • Make decisions that have a campus, college, or administrative unit or system-wide impact.
  • Provide oversight and accountability for system operations and/or academic and academic support units with responsibilities academic in nature, focusing on areas such as curriculum, research, libraries, or faculty and academic employee personnel systems.
  • May also hold direct responsibilities for the teaching and/or research activities of a University department or college. Academic administrative personnel may be line officers or staff
  • Baccalaureate (required)
  • Demonstrated skills and experience in administration or practice in the field after obtaining the degree
Professionals-in-Training Appointments
  • Involved in research and/or teaching.
  • Hold internships, residencies or are otherwise involved in further training in a disciplinary field. Note: some of the positions carry eligibility for tuition benefits.
  • Baccalaureate (required)
  • Advanced degree (required)