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Title Number Form Related Policies
May and Summer Sessions/Terms Request for Graduate Assistant Tuition Benefits UM 1654 um1654.docx
Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) Employee Information MSRS emp_info.pdf
Moving/Relocation Expense Documentation Form (Use this version for all moving/relocation expenses incurred in 2018.) BA 1357 movingexpensereimb.docm
Off-Cycle Payment Request UM 1546 UM 1546: Form is located outside of forms library UM 1546
Oral Warning Disciplinary Action UM 1542 1542w.docx
Overpayment Notification UM 1554 1554w.docx
Payroll Stop Payment UM 1563 UM 1563: Form is located outside of forms library UM 1563
Payroll Update Request UM 1543 UM 1543: Form is located outside of forms library UM 1543
Performance Appraisal Form UM 941, GS92176 ba941w.doc
Personal Disclosure Statement UM 1690 um1690w.docx
Personnel Action Worksheet UM 1870 pawland.pdf
Petition for Complaints Filed by Faculty, P&A, Civil Service and Student Employees UM 1755 um1755.doc
Phased Retirement Agreement UM 1809 um1809.docx
Position Management Request Form UM 1803 um1803.docx
Professional Development Leave for Academic Professional and Administrative Employees UM 1633 1633w.docx
Promotional Review of Tenured Associate Professors UM 13 um13.docx
Reciprocity Exemption/Affidavit of Residency MN MW-R MN MW-R: Form is located outside of forms library MN MW-R
Release #1- Phased Retirement UM 1891 um1891.pdf
Release #2 - Phased Retirement UM 1892 um1892.pdf
Release: University Of Minnesota Retirement Incentive Option 2020 RIO UM 1904 rio_um1904.pdf
Relocation Assistance Program - Request Relocation Packet UM 1874 UM 1874: Form is located outside of forms library UM 1874
Request for Continuation of Coverage RIO UM 1905 rio_um1905.pdf
Request for Exclusion of One Service Year for a Member on a Probationary Appointment - Medical Reasons (Duluth Campus Only) UM 1815 um1815.pdf
Request for Regents' Scholarship UM 1454, GS92353 rsapplp.docx
Request for Reissued W2 UM 1876 UM 1876: Form is located outside of forms library UM 1876
Request for Unpaid Discretionary Leave for Faculty and P and A Employees UM 1651 um1651.pdf
Request for Waiver to Hire a Non-Student UM 1524 waiver.doc
Request of Exclusion of One Service Year for a Member on a Probational Appointment - Parenthood (Duluth Campus Only) UM 1814 um1814.pdf
Request to Move a Civil Service or Union-Represented Staff Appointed Employee into a P & A Appointment UM 1753 um1753.doc
Request to Use 9750 University Distingushed Fellow Classification UM 1614 1614.doc
Request to Use the Vacation Donation Program UM 1549 vacdonappl.doc
Salary Payment Schedule for 9 over 12 UM 912 912sched.doc
Sample Authorization Letter: UM Interstate Moving of Household UM 1739 movingform.docx
Special Graduate Assistant Registration Tuition Benefits Status Request Form UM 1655 um1655.docx
Student Job Review Questionnaire UM 1540 studjrq.doc
Support of Request for Approval to Hire Faculty or P&A Employee Through No Search Process UM 1775 um1775.pdf
Tax Treaty Affidavit UM 1255, GS92193 UM 1255, GS92193: Form is located outside of forms library UM 1255, GS92193
Vacation Donation Program: Physician's Statement UM 1550 vacdonphys.docx
Vacation Donation Program: Vacation Contribution Form UM 1551 vacdoncont.docx
Verification of Appointment for Resident Tuition UM 1502 residentw.docx
W-7 Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer ID Number IRS W-7 IRS W-7: Form is located outside of forms library IRS W-7
Work-Study Earnings Monitoring Worksheet UM 1525 1525w.docx