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Reporting Accidents involving University Vehicles

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Reporting Accidents involving Personal Injury or Death

Accidents in which there is a personal injury or death are to be reported immediately to local law enforcement (i.e., local police, sheriff or highway patrol) by calling 911.

  • Drivers of a University vehicle involved in an accident involving bodily injuries should first and foremost see that anyone injured in the accident gets all necessary medical attention.
  • Drivers are to remain at the scene of the accident until authorized to leave by law enforcement.
  • Drivers should notify their department of the accident as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Drivers of a University vehicle report the accident to Fleet Services.

Reporting Non-Injury Accidents

Within two working days of a non-injury accident, drivers of a University vehicle complete a Fleet Accident Report. Care and diligence is to be exercised to obtain accurate information on driver, passenger and witness names, facts, and circumstances of the accident.

Drivers complete a Fleet Accident Report to report any instance of vehicle damage, including damage caused by hail or vandalism.

Fleet Services processes Fleet Accident Reports within five working days of receipt. This process includes review for accuracy and completeness, assignment of vehicle accident classification based upon a thorough accident analysis, and dispatch of the report, as required, to the Office of Risk Management and the Vehicle Safety Board.

Fleet Services will transmit any official state accident report received to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Fleet Services will maintain records of accident losses by drivers and departments for a period of five fiscal years after the year of occurrence.

Fleet Accident Report limitations:

  • University insurance cannot process either liability or physical damage claims without a completed Fleet Accident Report. The report must be completed within two working days of the occurrence.
  • Liability and physical damage losses are the responsibility of the driver's department if no accident report is filed. Fleet Accident Reports that do not specify the date, time, location and driver may be denied.
  • Physical damage losses will not be reimbursed if the damage is not repaired within six months of the occurrence.