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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.


The Vehicle Safety Board (VSB) establishes guidelines and rules to ensure the safe operation of system wide University Vehicles at all times. The VSB acts proactively in the development of driver eligibility standards to reduce the frequency of accidents involving road-licensed University vehicles, to meet liability insurance requirements and to conduct a regular review of all University vehicle-involved accidents.


The VSB:

  • establishes driver eligibility standards for employees driving on behalf of the University while conducting University business;
  • assesses the fleet inventory and the permitted and proposed uses of that inventory for liability and safety purposes;
  • conducts regular meetings to review and determine accident accountability, hears appeals regarding recommended restriction or elimination of student/employee driving eligibility based on accrual of accidents or incidents; and
  • provides recommendations for additional driver training or other actions to reduce liability risk in the operation of University vehicles statewide.


The VSB sets and maintains driving eligibility standards for employees/students driving on behalf of the University. The VSB may permanently restrict or eliminate a driver’s eligibility to be included in the DRA database. At its sole discretion, the VSB hears appeals on individual cases and may modify or waive restriction or elimination of driver eligibility by removing the driver from the DRA database. The modification or elimination of driver eligibility solely affects the driver’s status in the DRA database and the drivers’ department’s responsibility for a higher $2500 deductible. The VSB does not have any HR based discipline authority, including termination. 


The VSB is composed of a minimum of five (5) members. These members provide representation for the following areas.

  • Health, Safety and Risk Management
  • University Services
  • University Police
  • Driver Supervisor
  • Primary Class Driver
  • Student Representative (as applicable)
  • Human Resources
  • System Campus(es) (as applicable)

The Fleet Assistant Director and the Director of Risk Management serve in advisory roles to the VSB as needed.

Additional details on VSB Operations are available at Fleet Services.