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Rules for Permanently Assigned University Vehicles


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Permanently assigned University vehicles are University-owned vehicles under department control.

University Vehicles Displaying Decals and Tax Exempt License

These vehicles may:

  • only be used for authorized University business purposes; and
  • only be driven by authorized drivers.

These vehicles may NOT:

  • be used for visits, sightseeing, side trips or commuting between the office and home. Drivers must use the most direct route in time and/or mileage when traveling; or
  • be rented or used for personal travel. Travel between the University and the temporary residence for visiting faculty or staff is considered personal travel.

When used at out-of-town conferences or meetings, these vehicles may be used for traveling reasonable distances to meals from lodgings or meetings.

University vehicles not in use are to remain on campus in assigned parking spaces. Departments are responsible for making contract parking arrangements with Parking and Transportation Services for University vehicles. Vehicles may be taken home overnight when authorized out-of-town meetings or early or late evening off-campus meetings are scheduled.

University Vehicles NOT Displaying Decals and Tax Exempt License

Vehicles provided for the President, Provost, Chancellors and Vice President/Provosts

The President, Provost, Chancellors, and Vice Presidents/Provosts may be provided with University-owned vehicles for their business and personal use.

When provided, the make, model and year is determined by the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations and the Vice President for University Services or delegates. These vehicles are driven for a minimum of three-year periods.

These officers are responsible for these vehicles, and both the responsible officer and spouse may use the vehicles for personal purposes. No one else, including other family members, may drive these vehicles for personal use.

Personal mileage is reported quarterly to [email protected] and supported by a log separating personal and business mileage. The University will report personal mileage in accordance with IRS rules.

In addition to their business and personal use of the vehicles, the responsible officers may make the vehicles available to certain drivers in their departments for business use during University business hours.

Vehicles approved by Vice Presidents 

Additional vehicles may also be authorized by a Vice President for other senior administrative officers required to travel at least 7,500 miles annually on official University business as a result of extraordinarily frequent early morning, late evening and out-of-town trips. These vehicles may not exceed the type of vehicle provided for the President.

Only the University staff provided these vehicles may use them for personal purposes. Personal mileage is reported quarterly to  [email protected] and supported by a log separating personal and business mileage. The University will report personal mileage in accordance with IRS rules.

These vehicles may only be driven by authorized drivers. Spouses and other family members are not authorized drivers.

University-owned vehicles that do not display University of Minnesota decals nor tax-exempt license plates may be assessed an additional surcharge for insurance if loss experience dictates.