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Reimbursable / Non-reimbursable Travel-related Expenses


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Sponsored Projects: Sponsors may have more restrictive or different policies than stated below. Travelers are responsible for being knowledgeable and compliant with the Sponsor's requirements.

Reimbursable / Non-reimbursable Travel-related Expenses
Expense Reimbursable (Subject to conditions) Conditions
Air Transportation Yes Travel by air is limited to the lowest, non-refundable, fare class available at the time of booking that meets the requirements listed below and meets the traveler’s needs.
  • Basic Economy
    • Not recommended because seat assignments are not assigned until check-in and ticket changes or upgrades are not allowed
  • Economy- allowed for all flights
  • Premium Economy – allowed for flights 4 or more hours with no additional approval
  • Business – allowed for flights 8 or more hours (including connecting domestic legs). Travelers should obtain pre-approval from their supervisor. Supervisors may deny a portion of the airfare if the traveler does not obtain approval for the upgrade.
  • First – not allowed
Traveler may not pilot their personal or leased aircrafts. Traveler may not take a private plane or air charter unless the contract has been reviewed by the Office of General Counsel prior to making the arrangements.
Airline Seat Fee ( exit row or aisle seat) Yes Fees to select an coach/economy seat, exit row, or aisle seat is allowable.
Airport Clubs and Lounges Memberships (e.g., Delta Sky Club) No  
Alcoholic Beverages No See Administrative Policy: Alcoholic Beverage Sales and Service, and Venue Liquor Licensing for more information.
Baggage Fees Yes The first piece of baggage within the airlines’ weight and size limits is allowable. Costs for additional baggage beyond the first piece and overweight or oversized baggage may be allowable with a valid business justification.
Change or Cancellation fees, air, hotel, etc. Yes Only allowable with valid business reason as determined by approving authority.
Check Cashing Charges, ATM fees and Bank fees No Included in the daily incidental fee related to per diems.
E-Credits/Vouchers No Only allowable with documentation that the traveler has paid out of pocket for the expense and not been previously reimbursed. 
Gas for Commercial Rental Vehicles Yes Provided the vehicle rental has been approved.
GPS Rental (Global Positioning System) Yes Only allowable with valid business reason as determined by approving authority.
Ground Transportation Yes Must use the least expensive method of transportation (airport shuttles, taxis, car rental, app-based ride services, etc.) that fits the needs of the traveler.
Hotel "No show" Charges No Except in business situations as determined by approving authority.
  • Gratuities (for baggage handling, porters, hotel staff and staff on ships)
  • ATM fees, Bank fees, Check Cashing Charges
No A separate reimbursement is not allowed for these expenses. They are covered within the daily incidental per diem reimbursement.
Inoculations Yes If required for international travel.
Insurance: (domestic vehicle rental)
  • CDW, Collision Damage Waiver
  • LDW, Loss Damage Waiver
Yes (mandatory) Only if renting from a non-contract car rental agency. Full Primary CDW/LDW  Coverage is included in the National and Enterprise Car Rental contracts.
Insurance: (international vehicle rental)
  • CDW, Collision Damage Waiver
  • LDW, Loss Damage Waiver
  • SLI, Supplemental Liability Ins.
  • ELP, Extended Liability Ins.
Yes (mandatory) If renting outside the United States.
Insurance (vehicle rental-domestic & international)
  • PEC, Personal Effects Coverage
  • PEI, Personal Effects Ins.
  • PEP, Personal Effects Protection
  • PAI, Personal Accident Ins.
  • ALI, Additional Liability Ins.
  • UMP, Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorist Protection
Insurance (flight or other trip insurance) Yes Trip insurance may be allowed for business purposes determined by the approving authority.
Insurance (travel health/security, CISI) Yes  
Internet Charges Yes Allowable for business purposes determined by the approving authority.
Laundry/Valet No, except as noted in conditions Included in the daily incidental fee related to meal per diems. However, travelers may request reimbursement for laundry for domestic travel lasting 7 consecutive days or longer.
Lodging Yes Up to 150% (of the night rate, before taxes) of the published per diem rates. Detailed receipts are required for all lodging.
Meals Yes Must not exceed the published meal per diem rates, including tax and tip. Reimbursements for first and last days of travel are reimbursed at 75% of the per diem rate.
  • Domestic Travel - U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Hawaii and Alaska - Department of Defense
  • International Travel - U.S. Department of State
Mileage Yes Faculty and staff may use personal vehicles for University business with approval obtained from an appropriate authority and in accordance with Administrative Policy: Using Vehicles for University Business. The mileage rate includes gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and other personal vehicle related costs. Rates can be found on the IRS website. Travelers should always use the least expensive method of transportation while in travel status (e.g. airport shuttles, taxis).
Movies (in flight/room) No  
Parking Fees Yes Reasonable. Parking fees at airports or off-airport facilities should not exceed the cost of round trip taxi fare to/from the traveler's home/office.
Passports No Except if specifically required by approving authority for University business.
Registration Fees Yes For legitimate University purposes.
Spousal Travel No For allowable acceptable expenses, refer to Administrative Policy: Hospitality and Entertainment of Non-Employees
Student Travel Yes This policy governs student travel when a student is traveling on behalf of the University for official University business only. Other travel must go through the Office of Student Finance.
Taxi Fares/App-based Ride Services Yes Reasonable; not to exceed cost of vehicle rental.
Telephone Calls Yes For University business. Other calls at department discretion.
Toll Charges (bridges, tunnels, public roads) Yes While on University business.
Travel Agency Service Fees Yes For University business travel.
Travelers Check Charge Yes Limited to checks amounting to the total of any cash advance received.
Vehicle Rental Yes When necessary. Rental and gas charges may be reimbursed, but not mileage.
Visas for Foreign Travel Yes While on University business.