Verification and Approval of Procurement Card Activity

Timeframe for Verification and Approval

  • PCard transactions must be reconciled and approved within 30 days of the transaction posting in EFS.
  • The PCard Office will work with departments when transactions are not approved within 30 days of the transaction posting in EFS to ensure they are reconciled and approved in a timely manner.
  • Transactions not reconciled and approved within 60 days of the transaction posting in EFS will result in the following suspensions:
    1. First Suspension – Card will be suspended until ALL transactions have been reconciled and approved.
    2. Second Suspension – Card will be suspended until ALL transactions have been reconciled and approved then will remain suspended for an additional 30 days.
    3. Third Suspension – Card will be canceled.

Verification and Approval of Transactions


  • Review all of their card activity for fraud
    • Navigate to MyU ( > Purchasing Tab > My Wallet to view posted transactions.
    • Provide justification for each purchase made.
    • Provide ChartField string(s) where the expense should be recorded
    • Provide detailed receipts or images of detailed receipts for each transaction
    • Document authorization of each purchase through one of the following:
      • Ink signature on each receipt
      • Ink signature on a group of receipts imaged as one document
      • Personally enter an Expense Report in the financial system
      • Personally apply an electronic signature for the activity

EFS EX Preparer Role (can be cardholder)

  • Expense report preparers must delegate themselves as UM Authorized Users to cardholders in order to reconcile procurement card activity.
  • Access financial system to review and bring procurement card transactions into an expense report (Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Center > Expense Reports > Create/Modify and click on the “Add a New Value” tab).
  • Compare receipts to transactions and ensure receipt(s)/documentation is attached to the Expense Report.
  • Ensure a justification is in the "Description Field" for each transaction.
  • Provide appropriate ChartField information for each transaction.
  • If a charge appears to be invalid or is not recognizable, go to the dispute process*.
    • Indicate in the justification (Description Field) that the transaction is being disputed.
  • Submit Expense Report for approval.

Department/Certified Approver (cannot be the cardholder)

  • Expense Reports will be routed for approval based on the Dept ID in the ChartField and the Payment Type (Prepaid or Out of Pocket).
  • Approvers can either Approve, Send Back or place an Expense Report on Hold. Approvers cannot make any changes to the Expense Report.

Imaging of receipts/documentation for Expense Reports.

  • Any receipts/documentation attached to an Expense Report will be “swept” into ImageNow once the Expense Report is approved.
  • Receipts/documentation not attached to the Expense Report must still be imaged into ImageNow.
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    • Email procedures

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