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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Fraudulent Charges

Fraudulent charges arise from unauthorized use of a PCard by someone other than the cardholder, and who has obtained and used the card or account information in a manner that would be considered dishonest or illegal.

The cardholder should contact US Bank immediately at the customer service number on the back of their PCard to report fraudulent activity on their account, or if they have reason to believe that their account may have been compromised. Compromised accounts will be closed and replacements cards will be issued (new account information).

The bank utilizes a fraud detection process to identify possible unauthorized activity before it is actually posted to cardholder accounts. Cardholders may be contacted by the bank regarding questionable activity on their accounts and should immediately respond to these requests. Accounts that are flagged by the bank for fraud referral may be blocked from use pending resolution of the questionable activity.

Disputed Charges

Disputed charges may arise whenever there is a disagreement between the cardholder and one of their PCard merchant/suppliers as to whether or not specific charges were authorized or appropriate. This may be a consequence of not receiving goods or services that were ordered, receiving something that was not as expected or being charged for something that was not ordered.

The cardholder is responsible for resolving any disputes with their merchant/suppliers and obtaining credit adjustments as appropriate.

In extraordinary cases, where the cardholder is unsuccessful in obtaining an adjustment to a disputed charge, a dispute claim may be filed with US Bank. Cardholders wishing to dispute a charge should call the bank's customer service number on the back of their PCard.

Unidentified Charges

Unidentified charges may be considered as either fraudulent or disputed charges. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to investigate unidentified charges and make an appropriate determination as to how they should be treated.

If the unidentified charge is from a known merchant/supplier, or one with whom there have been earlier PCard charges, then the cardholder should contact the merchant/supplier directly and attempt to resolve the issue. In extraordinary cases, where efforts to resolve the issue are unsuccessful, a dispute claim may be filed with US Bank.

Unidentified charges are more likely to arise under circumstances where the cardholder has allowed others access to the cardholder's PCard or account information. Cardholders have the same responsibility for investigating and resolving questionable charges initiated by others who have been granted access to their account as they have for those charges that they initiated themselves.

In any event, if there is the possibility of fraud, the cardholder should contact the US Bank immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken to safeguard the account.

Unauthorized use of departmental cards

Unauthorized charges made by someone who has been given access to PCard or account information by the cardholder (such as a co-worker) should not be reported as fraudulent unless there was a clear intent to defraud the University.

Departments are responsible for setting and enforcing their own policies relative to the establishment and use of departmental cards. However, under University PCard policy, the cardholder is ultimately responsible for any and all activity on their account, including unauthorized use of a departmental card issued in their name.

Important Note: There is a 60 day limitation from the transaction date to dispute a charge with the provider bank.