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Special Business Expenses Guidance: When hiring a Foreign National living and working outside the United States


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Governing Policy


Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Purchasing and Business Expenses considerations when hiring a foreign national who will be living and working outside the United States; this is a relatively rare event at the University of Minnesota and this guidance does not cover country-by-country laws or requirements.

Travel & definitions for foreign nationals

  • Foreign travel for the foreign national is any travel outside their home country–any time they cross a border to another country; all foreign travel must be registered with GPS Alliance.
  • Domestic travel is travel within the country where they reside.
  • Travel to campus is travel to any one of the five campuses in Minnesota.

Where there is a need for the future employee to travel to campus, before hiring for the position, departments should consult with their college or unit’s Chief Financial Manager (CFM) to determine what budget might be available for any travel, and specifically for travel to campus. How frequently the individual may be expected to travel to Minnesota/to campus should be part of the offer letter and who pays for that travel (or portions of the travel) should also be spelled out in the offer letter. Things to consider:

  • Budget.
  • Equity with similar positions in the college/major administrative support unit.
  • Frequency of need to travel to campus (or to travel in general).
  • Mileage (refer to Business Expenses policy, language about local mileage), when it is allowable, we reimburse at the USA domestic mileage rate so distances traveled in kilometers need to be converted to miles.

Travel Card or PCard

If a travel card or purchasing card is appropriate for the position, the hiring unit should speak with their Chief Financial Manager (CFM) or department card administrator.

Office furniture and supplies

These items should be specifically addressed in the offer letter.

  • Furniture - not allowed to pay for this. Employee provides.
  • Office Supplies - depending on the duties assigned to the employee a modest amount of supplies may be allowed (must not be used for personal purposes), reasonable and prudent postage and shipping is allowed if necessary to perform the job duties.
  • Computer & peripherals & software - ensure any items purchased meet import/export control requirements, depending on the country involved the items may have to be purchased locally by the employee. Equipment provided should be equivalent to what the department would otherwise provide to their other remote workers. The manager of the position is encouraged to contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) prior to any purchase of technology, to ensure the equipment will work for the specific situation.
  • Internet - not allowed to pay for this. Employee provides.
  • Telephone/cell phone/data plan - not allowed to pay for this. Employee provides
    • Contact OIT for VOIP options that may be allowed/appropriate for the country in which the employee resides.

Special equipment or lab supplies

Case by case basis, only as required to meet assigned job duties.

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