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University of Minnisota  Administrative Policy

Withholding Diplomas and Official Transcripts from Students

Responsible University Officer(s):
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
Policy Owner(s):
  • Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar
Policy contact(s):
  • See Contacts Section
Date Revised:
Jul 2, 2019
Effective Date:
Dec 1, 2004

Policy Statement

The University will not issue diplomas or official transcripts to students with financial obligations of $200 or more, or to students who have not satisfied student conduct or academic integrity sanctions.

Once a student satisfies the financial obligation or the outstanding sanction, the responsible office will remove the hold and the Office of the Registrar may issue the diploma and/or the official transcript.

Reason for Policy

The University expects students to meet any financial and/or student conduct and academic integrity obligations to the institution, both during their enrollment and upon graduation. Withholding the diploma and official transcript for not meeting these responsibilities is consistent with these expectations.




Frequently Asked Questions


Policy Information - Twin Cities Sue Van Voorhis 612-625-8098 612-626-1754
Policy Information - Morris Marcus Muller 320-589-6011
Policy Information - Duluth Carla Boyd 218-726-8795
Policy Information - Crookston Jason Tangquist 218-281-8424
Policy Information - Rochester Diane Douglas 507-258-8008


Financial Obligation
Students that owe a minimum of   to the University student account.
Student conduct and academic integrity sanction
A sanction imposed upon a student for violation of Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code.


Notify faculty, staff and students of the policy of withholding diplomas and official transcripts.
College or department
Advise students of the policy on the policy of withholding diplomas and official transcripts.
Campus Collections Office
Determines if diploma can be issued based on satisfactory payment of financial obligations.
Office for Community Standards (OCS) - Twin Cities Campus
Determines if diploma or transcript can be issued based on satisfactory resolution of obligation.

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July 2019 - Comprehensive Review:
  1. Minor language changes for readability
  2. Update FAQ to reflect current system (MyU) and better address questions raised during consultation
  3. Retire outdated procedure
December 2013 - Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision. Provides additional guidance to the students who have a hold on their record through a new FAQs.
December 2009 -Changes withholding of "degrees" to withholding of "diplomas and official transcripts"; Improves satisfaction of student conduct or academic integrity sanctions by expanding the policy to address these types of obligations; Aligns with practices of our peer institutions.
December 2004

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