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Responding to Authorizations to Disclose Student Records


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Governing Policy


Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Students frequently authorize disclosure of their student records to prospective employers or educational institutions. Often, the request and the authorization include not just transcript, but also disciplinary records. To ensure full disclosure in accordance with the student's authorization, University administrators must consult the appropriate offices to obtain information that responds to the request.

  • The University of Minnesota receives a request from a potential employer or potential educational institution for student records.
  • The recipient of the request must ensure that the request is accompanied by an authorization signed by the student.
  • If the requester has a valid authorization from the student, the recipient of the request must ensure that all records that respond to the request and are authorized by the student for release are produced and disclosed. The registrar's office provides academic transcripts. If disciplinary records are covered by the release and authorization, the recipient must consult with the campus's student disciplinary office or officer to determine whether any disciplinary records exist. Residential life offices should also be consulted. Individual colleges or departments must not respond to a request for student disciplinary records without first checking with the central disciplinary office.

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