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Accessing and Using Student Education Records


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Governing Policy


Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Access to online student information at the University is permissible by University officials whose designated responsibilities reasonably require access to student records for educational, administrative, or research purposes in the performance of their designated job duties. University officials may request on-line access by completing an Access Request Form (ARF) on the OIT Data Security page.

Student information is also available through UM Reports and the data warehouse. Some information on these web sites is publicly available and other information requires access to private student data. Accessing any of this information requires an active internet id and password. Once the internet id and password have been successfully authenticated, the user will be directed to account's personal page to view UM Reports.

To request access to private student data in UM Reports you must complete the Access Request Form on the OIT Data Security page. University staff must present a legitimate need to know private student data to be granted access.

Posting Grades

Examinations, term papers, blue books, or any other graded materials that contain personally identifiable student information (i.e., name, student ID number) should be distributed directly to students or made available for pick up in departmental offices in a manner that ensures the privacy of each student's grade. The posting of grade reports or examination results with personally identifiable information (i.e., student ID number, Social Security Number, student name) is prohibited.